Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm glazing, and it's not ham!

Okay, so now that David and I purchased new bedroom furniture, the old' Shabby Chic stuff (A.K.A- the white set) is looking for a new home. Because the piece came from Germany, and because it was my childhood dresser, I do not have the heart to get rid of it. With leftover trim paint in hand, I had David move it into his hobby room, seeing as how my craft room is not equipped for that type of action. The dresser is pretty stark white, and our trim paint is a definite cream. I am going to give it a color wash, as opposed to really giving it a new look. It would take far too long, and I have to report to my classroom to unpack on Friday. Time is of the essence, friends. After the color wash is finished, I will come back and glaze everything to make it look like my kitchen cabinets. After witnessing the painters, I know I can do it. (Famous last words!...) The glazed look is really French, which is what the style of our house was built to resemble. I think the glazed look will really go well with my new T.J. Maxx crushed velvet comforter and red silk drapes. Yes, I said crushed velvet! I know you just can't wait to see it! Stay tuned... : )


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've read through several of your posts now, and I'll be back!!

  2. So did Mr.David take my job? Thats ok, if he did. That bedroom will look good. What a great way to use what you already have.

  3. I hope it turns out like you want it too.