Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Is A Busy Month!

May is such a busy month at our house. I don't know if it is school coming to an end, or having to start cutting the yard again, but we are always running around with things to do in May.

I have been feeling sickly the last two weeks and finally drug myslef to the walk-in clinic last weekend. I was told that I had bronchitis and an inner ear infection. No fun. I have missed two days of work this week, and really hate that, but getting well is my first priority. I have been on amoxycillin, which makes me ever so paranoid being pregnant, but my Dr. has reassured me it is fine. The fluid in my sinus's blocked a tube in my ear, which created a vacuum motion in the inner ear. Without the antibiotic I guess it would not get better. I am in the middle of the treatment, so I am praying that I feel better in another week. Bronchitis is nothing new for me though. I usually get it twice a year, and my doctor has finally said that after the preganacy I should see a pulmonologist (sp?) Has anyone else heard of this type of doctor? He said my asthma is the cause for the outbreaks. Again, David has been a saint. His helpfulness and willingness to do all the laundry is a blessing.

Last weekend, David and I hosted a big graduation shin-dig for Rachel. I felt ill, but was so glad we were able to do something special for her. We ended up having around 40 people over for dinner and cake. Dinner was catered from Penguin Ed's, which made it really easy for me. The deck was a perfect place to let people eat and visit. We removed almost of our normal family photos and replaced them with all things "Rachel"- she was everywhere you looked! It was nice for the guests as they milled around to see tons of photos of her as she has grown up into such a sweet, Godly, young lady.

David started back to school after a two week break from his spring session classes at UofA. He is taking 6 hours this summer, and, with his projected Fall schedule, it looks as though he may graduate in December. We are very excited about that possibility. With a baby coming the end of November, and a possible graduation the first week of December, I am reeling at how busy the holidays will be. Busy, but very exciting and special. I actually started some preliminary work on my Christmas cards. I know that sounds absurd, but I hate leaving things to chance, and if I can get paper cut now, I will. The summer is the perfect time for me to get organized. I plan on creating some type of Christmas card/birth announcement combo, and I am having fun palying with ideas.

Our sod is turning green, amd David has installed an in-ground sprinkler system. He has been getting up early to run it and is looking forward to having a green, weed free yard. We'll see how that goes. You know how weeds are. : )

My last day to report to work is May 30th, and the kids are getting ready to sleep in some and start swimming. I am too. The warm weather is very encouraging after a long, cold winter.

Take care! : )

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Trimester Almost Over!

My first trimester is almost over! This coming Monday I will be 12 weeks along. I am starting to show a tiny bit- just a bit. I had my first ultrasound last Monday, and in the last month and a half, I only gained 1 pound. I have been really sick, so I was quite surprised to see that I had gained that at all. After the ultrasound, they pushed my due date up another week, just because I measured a good week and a half bigger. So now, I guess I am looking at November 20th or so.

Work is going fabulous. I feel great while I am working. I tend to get sick in the evenings, and I am thankful that I have the energy I need at work. I started wearing maternity clothes this past weekend. A group of my friends went out with our husbands to Outback for dinner, and I wore a pair of Gap maternity jeans. They were really cute and comfy. They have all been really fun to try on and wear! I have more maternity clothes than I can ever put on though. I counted yesterday, and I have 7 pairs of maternity jeans. Between my mom and me, we must stop! Ha, ha! I have as many khaki pants, capris, sweat suits, blazers, tanks, button-ups, and skirts. I really think the shopping part is about over already. I still need a swimsuit. Rachel took life guarding classes and got hired at the local swim park to work all summer, so we already have big plans to swim. : )

David is still floating on cloud nine. He has been incredible. He has cooked every night we have eaten at home for the last month, done every single dish for the last month, and even mopped the entire house last Sunday afternoon. He does toilets, tubs, and laundry. I have not lifted a finger. He puts me on the couch with ice cream, and I don't complain. When we see kids out in stores or what-not, he says, "That will be us!! Look, look!!" He is really cute about all of it. I'm glad I waited him out. His support and excitement reaffirm me. One of the pictures not posted looks a little scary- you know how ultrasound pictures can be. It looked like a smiling skull with slanted eyes and a big smile. David was so excited by it because it looked a T-shirt he has. The shirt is called "Bone-Head" biker, and it has a skull driving a motorcycle. It says something about letting the wind blow through your bones. He and my dad thought the baby looked like a bone-head biker. You know, coming from a motorcycle family, looking tough is vital, so as a family, we are already proud. : )

School is out in just a few days- 17 to be exact. I am looking forward to summer, but will miss my children terribly. My students know about my pregnancy and have been so sweet about it. In fact, David came to my classroom today to visit, and after he left, my kids talked about what a "tall" daddy he will be. Their minds are so innocent and pure.

My mom is far ahead of me with baby shopping. While I am waiting to find out before I shop, she has already purchased a bassinet, car seat, stroller, potty chair, rocker, and made numerous burp rags and bibs. They are precious. All of this is for her house, so that she can hang out wherever she wants with baby McCash.

A view of the face

A bottom and little leg with foot

Happy Summer to you all! : )