Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If You're Happy and You Know It!

* Edit: Yall are cracking me up with your "spelling" corrections! : ) I love that you are reading that carefully! Thanks for being so attentive to my little world! If I have to time to fix them, I will. If not though, you will just have to live with little ol' imperfect me. : ) The spelling teacher who makes spelling mistakes! Ha, ha! But in all seriousness, thanks for being so sweet in your desire to help me. I appreciate it! Have a good week, guys!

These days, I am really happy.. and feel very thankful! Being back in school is such a magical time for kids. New school supplies, ringing bells, exciting lesson plans, and 75 new faces every day in my classroom, waiting to learn something new just makes me giddy! Am I a perfect teacher? No, not by any means. But I never dread the day and I love my children. They all hold a special place in my heart. I welcome the challenges and look forward to the school year. This 2009-2010 school year, we as a 5th grade team decided to do a cowboy themed hallway, and it has been lots of fun. School has been in session for five days and I feel like I am putting on old, comfy shoes- I know where I belong and it feels good to be "home."

Decorating my classroom took me a bit longer this summer than in past years. I am still learning better ways to manage my time and having a child has added that extra "element" of surprise. I am really truly a night-owl at heart, but I have adapted to being a mommy that just can't always sneak away every night to work. This year, it took about a week to get my room organized and ready, which may not sound long, but "BH" (before Harbor), I was able to do it in just days. : ) My life is now divided up like a social studies book... BH and AH.. : )

The one thing I am really proud of that I am going to try this year is a "clothesline" approach to spelling/vocabulary. David (little engineer that he is!) schemed up a way for me to move my vocab vertically and horizontally on one of my big bulliten boards. I love how teachers talk about how big their boards are... because mine are HUGE!! They measure about nine feet high and over 20 feet long! Anywho, this new approach to spelling is really fresh and it makes my left hand bulliten boards interactive, which is always more beneficial when you are considering best practice for students.)

David's mom has a nice inground pool and only lives about five minutes away. Sadly, neither David or I are really into leisure swimming. I know it sounds crazy, but I have never been a pool girl. I would rather be inside hot gluing something, I guess. : ) Anyway, we have both tried really hard to change our ways and let Harbor experience what most American kids do all summer long- splash and swim! Maybe with Harbor around, we will enjoy it a little more.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens · Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens · Brown paper packages tied up with strings ... These are a few of our favorite things! Especially on rainy days.. I raise the blinds for Harbor and he will stand at that window sill ALL day and watch the water splash the sidewalk.

We have managed a few nights out with friends in the midst of "back-to-school" around here. We went out to eat at Shoguns with the Frouds. We brought our two boys and they did really well... incredibly well, actually. Mr. Hudson Grey was working it out with his chopsticks! SO FUNNY!

We also got to have dinner at the Hickman house! Zayde and Harbor play really well together.. Zayde runs and Harbor crawls after him! : )

After Harbor's bath everynight, we brush his teeth in the guest bathroom. Harbor really loves the baby toothpaste and opens his mouth when he sees the brush. It is really just the cutest thing to us. : ) We are hoping he keeps and maintains good habits... When did everyone start taking their kids for cleanings? We have friends that have gone at a year. Is that pretty customary?

Two peas in a pod, I tell ya!

If you recall from my last post, I purchased some yummy black and white zebra print fabric. Since my dining room is green harlequin (Sherwin Williams Tupelo Tree and Sassy Green), I wanted something that would match, but not clash, and still stand out. Black and white is always a friend to Mr. Green, in my opinion. I took some green fabric I had left over from this project...

a few months back and matched it with the zebra print to make a drop tablecloth for a round side table I had. This little table was originally on the back deck, but since we have new patio furniture, I wanted to move it inside. It has been a fun addition to the dining room and has been a great place to drop the afternoon mail.

A few weekends ago, we all helped Rachel move into her first apartment. She has actually been out on her own for over a year now, but has lived on campus at the KiAlpha house. We are so excited for her and her roomate, Ashley, to have thier own little place to call home. It is such an adorable apartment- brand new, harwood floors, deep cherry cabinets, two full bathrooms... and in walking distance to campus! Yippee!

"Every mother is like Moses. She does not enter the promised land. She prepares a world she will not see."- Abraham Lincoln

Harbor is cruising around the house.. the ottomans in the living room are favorite pull-up places. He has also discovered the window ledges, the jacuzzi whirlpool, and the oven drawer (which at our house houses my Pamperchef baking stones.) He is really at such a fun, adventorous age.

When we custom built our house, I didn't want lots of wasted space. As a result, we have built-ins everywhere.. the bathrooms, the laundry room, the living room, and the kitchen. The kitchen built-ins were originally for cookbooks and picture frames. Now that HW is pulling up, I have replaced them with long, narrow wicker baskets full of books and plush toys. I have decided to choose my battles, and having to redecorate, unfortunatley, is inevetable when the shelving is knee level. : ) It is lots of fun to see a baby playing in the kitchen while I make dinner. after seven years of marriage, it is a welcomed sight.

My mom is so wonderful to capture the memorable moments around here.. when I come home from work, she often greets me at the door, my camera in hand! It sure makes it easy to blog when someone else has been hard at work taking pictures all day. Thanks, mom! I appreciate your desire to help me capture the babyhood of my son.

Cooking dinner is a family affair at the McCash house... never has being at home meant so much to me. Having Harbor, David, and Bichon to come home to is such a cozy feeling.

I hope all is well, friends and family! I'm so ready to wear knee boots that I can't stand it! Come on cooler weather!!