Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'll be Home for Christmas!

What a busy, busy week we had in Arkansas!

We drove home the day of Christmas and the roads were empty.. so empty in fact, that we made our best driving time ever. It took 14.5 hours from Arkansas to Detroit, and it took us 17 hours at Thanksgiving.
Quite a difference!

I've been playing catch up with mounds of laundry, some back from Niagara Falls, so that is keeping our laundry room busy. I've unpacked suitcases and
opened about 65 Christmas cards in the last two days alone
{the post office had held our mail so they all came at once! So fun!}

I've got plenty to post about, so I need to recap Christmas before I forget! : )

During our last few days in Arkansas we, :

1. Made a gingerbread house with Gigi

2. Bagged my Christmas candy for gifts

3. Celebrated Christmas with my parents

4. Celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family


That's better! : )

We have an annual tradition running that the girls in our family exchange homemade gifts.

{Cathy made everyone burlap stockings for their front doors}

{Rachel painted Mason jars as Razorback pencil holders}

{I handcrafted Christmas card holders out of wooden trees and clips}

{my mom made fabric covered magnet boards}

and my granny made all the girls fancy headbands with bows. : )
Fun tradition!

5. Celebrated with my dad's side of the family

This is my dad with his two brothers, sister, and his mom.
One brother passed away many years ago.

and because I love my country, Arkansas roots..
this is my Grandma, shooting her gun on Christmas in the yard! Ha! : )
Don't mess with us, Southerners, ya hear!

6. Attended the Byrd family Christmas Eve party

7. And lastly, attended the McCash family Christmas party
{at this point in the game, poor Harbor was recycling through Christmas "wear" for all the parties!}

This is David's oldest sister, Susan. Of the six kids, Susan is the oldest and David is the baby. : ) 

Whew! Like I said, it was a busy few days!

Five Christmas parties in five days, all while out of town, living out of suitcases.
It made for a perfect, festive Christmas! It sure was fun!

I plan on posting again in a few days to get caught up with my pictures. : )
Up next- the making of our 2011 Christmas Card

I know you are holding your breath! Ha!