Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Comes in Like a Lion

A few weekends ago, David and I treated my entire family to dinner at Olive Garden for helping us move out of our house so quickly. We love their salad and Harbor has developed a taste for black olives, so it is a great place for us to take him.

My parents also recently hosted a birthday party for my grandmother, Joyce. We had ice cream and Italian Cream Cake. It is always fun to spend time with our regular "crew".  : )

Harbor is 16 months old and getting funnier every day. He really has a great sense of humor and a perfect belly-laugh once he gets tickled. We love entertaining him, though he usually ends up entertaining us. He is talking a bit more- saying "momma, bye-bye, fish, and good." He still does his animal sounds, but is also babbling a little bit more. He is very agressive- already kicking balls, stacking blocks, and separating toys in containers.

After looking through these pictures, it seems my parents hosted a plethora of events this past month! They also had the crew over last weekend for a Ski Trip 2010 meeting to discuss our upcoming visit to Keystone and Breckenridge. My dad is a lot ike me- type A personality. He had a typed itenerary for every person going with driving directions, times and departure cities, and even a finalized menu for every night at the cabin. He also had a DVD slideshow compiled to show everyone our driving routes and what we can expect to see along the way. With Harbor going, we have decided to drive and take it slow, taking two full days to get to our cabin. We are picking up Ashley in Denver at the airport and meeting up with two of the girls' friends, Blake and Chase, who are driving in from Omaha. We will have a crowd, but that, to me, is what makes skiing fun. Though we have no intentions of putting Harbor on skiis, we have ski goggles for him for some photo ops when we get there. David also bought me some new skiis this year, but i'm a bit hesitant to use them. David and my parents own their own skis and boots and I am the only one who rents every year. I know it is a pain for them to stop to let me rent when they have what they need loaded and ready to go. But the skiis David bought are really long and skinny- I prefer the wider, curved ski rental types. : ) I'm not sure if I will like the new skiis or not. Does any one else ski on the "real" skinny skis?

We have been spending lots of time playing at the park- there was one week we went four days in a row. Harbor is at the perfect age to slide and really enjoy it, but the weather has, unfortunately, turned off cold again.

Many of you have asked about our future plans for finding a new place to live. We are currently staying with my parents since Harbor already has a fully operable nursery and my mom keeps him for me anyway during the work week. The room that HW uses opens to a Jack-and-Jill bathroom and they have an empty guest room which ajoins. It is a great space for us. With Benchmark testing around the corner, this is the busiest time of year for me. We have decided to stay put and keep life simple with summer approaching, and when school starts back, make a decision about buying or building. David wants to build again, but I would love the convenience of finding something move-in ready. After the stress of moving and selling so quickly, we have mutually agreed to have a nice summer with Harbor and then look at our options. Thanks to all who have expressed interest in our little family. : )

April is our 9 year anniversary, May is the last full month of school, and then summer begins! Things are happy and content, and I am excited about flipflops, jean capris, big sunglasses, and breaking out the swim diapers. : )