Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bedding Sneak Peak

Oh me, oh my..... I have blown my bedding budget completely. I met today with the bedding lady for a two hour consultation at her home studio. I was mesmerized by the shiny fabric, the gathered silk, the tassels.... I promised I would stay under "X" amount- that didn't happen... : (

Her studio was literally wall to wall deep in fabric- 7 or 8 bolts deep on each wall. She had beautiful equipment- monogramming machine, sewing machine, embroidery thread... It was like a candy shop to the eyes. She had a crib outfitted with her latest creation.. gorgeous. I went in with four pieces of fabric from a local shop that I LOVED- the lime and cream zebra, the brown and lime leopard, the brown silk, and the cream minky dot. By the end I had added lime taffeta, orange taffeta, cotton paisley, and pistachio stripe. Nine fabrics total. Now, I know you may be thinking- nine fabrics?? Yuck! Gotty! Overboard! Oh, no, no, no... Let me put you straight.. It will be gorgeous. Her design ideas really blew me away. I guess since I am not a sewer, I had no idea whatsoever about what fabric could do- cording or welting, flat or raised, inner or outer, pleated or not, kick pleated, triple pleated, tassels or fringe...

Anyway.. With her help, we worked out a design. She had to draw it out for me on paper and then she copied it on the copy machine. I needed to see it and take it home or I would never remember what we had decided. I am having his initials monogrammed inside also, but I am really just in love with the fabric. Two different pieces are raised velvet, lots of taffeta and silk. I hope this boy appreciates good fabric! Ha, ha! : ) So yes.. I went almost $100 over budget, but I justify that it will all work with his crib as a daybed, so it will grow with him for a little bit.

She is supposed to have it finished in a month, so I will keep you posted as we start painting, etc...

Has anyone else blown the budget on something frivolous that they just HAD TO HAVE?? Who knew silk and taffeta and velvet could be so expensive! Sheesh....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ultrasound News!

I was honored to attend a bachelorette party for a sweet girl, Libby. We graduated a year apart at Farmington, and Miranda opened up her beautiful home to celebrate Libby's upcoming wedding. Libby is a pilot and flies big commercial planes- she is such a neat, fun person to talk to! The next time you fly here in the South, Libby may very well be your pilot!

I also recently finished a tile for a pregnant bloggy friend whom I have never met in real life, but love reading about on her blog. I have stayed fairly busy painting tiles, although I have not been great to keep up with them on the blog. My client was wonderful to work with- she knew exactly what she wanted, which made my job so much easier!

My granny and I spent a day together a week ago making homemade vegetable soup- lots of soup!! We ended up canning 31 quarts! It will make wonderful meals this winter when we are busy with baby McCash. I love that I have my granny around to teach me the finner art of domestic duties, like canning!

One of my oldest friends from 7th grade, Kim, came to visit from Oklahoma. We had fun visiting and catching up! We see each only maybe only twice a year, but no matter how much time has passed, we always hit it off just like we did when we were 13 years old! : ) I feel so blessed to have old friendships thriving in my life.

This week I also had lunch at Tim's Pizza in Fayetteville with one of my very best friends (and my hair stylist), Lyndsey and her son Hudson. We shopped at Hobby Lobby and then they come over to our house for a few hours. Lyndsey is a wonderful person and I love her dearly!

This last weekend, my mom bought, as an early baby gift, a really plush chocolate glider from Babies and Beyond that I have been eyeing. It is quite a lot smaller than the other chairs they sell, which made me want it! Our other nursery furniture is huge and I was afraid to go too big! Thank you, mom! I love it.

On to more exciting news, we went yesterday to the ultrasound. I had a little cheering section that went with me- David, mom, and Rachel. My mom brought her camera and it was fun to have a group of family during such an exciting time.

For friends and family anxiously awaiting the news......

----- We Are Having A Sweet, Little Boy!!!!!-----

In the above picture, at the bottom from left to right, you can see toes and the top of the thigh. There, directly above the thigh is our little boy part! : ) The other leg is not really visible in this picture, but there is no doubt baby McCash will be a boy. His heartbeat was in the upper 150's and all looked well. The only comment the ultrasound tech. made that stuck with me hours later was that he has really high cheeckbones and really, really full lips. In fact, she said he had "Angelina Jolie" lips, which made us all laugh!

I have contacted a lady here in NWA to arrange a meeting to create some custom bedding. We are really excited and David is just giddy. He has big plans for golfing, motorcycling, skiing, bug catching, football throwing, and Razorback attending memories in the years to come. David wants to teach him math, how bridges are made, what putter to use, how to ski downhill, and how to to get really good grades. I just look forward to little checkered shorts, bedtime stories, and being a momma to a sweet little blonde haired boy! : ) Although I do plan on turning him into an avid reader, a musician, and an animal lover! Ha, ha! I know, I know... we will get what we get. But- above all, we want him to be happy!