Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Summer!

School is out for the summer! And, what a sweet, sweet summer it looks to be!

We live in a residential neighborhood on a lot that is 1.3 acres, and although we are surrounded by homes, we back up to farm land. We have had many visitors in our side and backyard as the weather has begun to warm up!

Our family- David, Harbor, Bichon, and myself- walk around 1.5 miles every night when it cools off. We try to mix things up and walk at different locations. Walking in the evenings is probably my favorite thing about summertime. I like it better than the pool, the lake, or snow cones! We went to the UofA to walk last week and had a fun time reminiscing about our school days... My college years were nothing but fun and freedom! I would love to go back someday.... Brandy, will you go back with me? : )

Harbor had cereal for the first time this month! Our pediatrician advised us to wait until six months before trying it due to Harbor's eczema and sensitive skin. He has done just fine! He is a good eater and takes 8-10 ounces at every feeding, plus a bit of cereal. These pictures were his first time to ever try it. I waited for him to make a funny face, but he truly must be my son after all, for he wolfed it down and didn't complain! Ha, ha!

Last weekend, my parents took Harbor out for dinner so that David and I could go on a date. We went to the theater to see Star Trek and then out to eat at Ichiban. It was nice to get out alone as a couple and play the stereo as loud as we wanted! Ha, ha!

Harbor had a fun ol' time with his Gigi and Poppy and was all smiles when we picked him up. I'm so thankful to have escaped the tear-filled separation anxiety I know so many moms face. It was one of my greatest prayers when I was pregnant, and I am so thankful Harbor and I can enjoy our time together and apart, still smiling! : )

Every month or so, I have Harbor's feet and hands inked for a little book I have been making for him since he was born. My mom has pretty much taken over the project since she is home with him (thanks, mom!) and I hope to be able to "read" it to him when he is a year or two older.

Sunshine welcomed here!!

Rachel is lifeguarding again this summer at a local pool and is close enough to come by on her lunch break. I try to make her lunch and sweet tea to help give her a break from the Arkansas sun, but I think she also comes to see a certain someone. : )

Last weekend, we walked at Wilson Park, one of our "must-see" places in Northwest Arkansas. We bought Taco Bell through the drive through and Bichon loved sitting under our table, waiting for something marvelous to drop, like cheese! Ha, ha!

I'm so happy with our high chair choice! My parents bought this for us off of our registry and I love that it fits onto one of our regular dining room chairs. It adjusts to grow with him and I love that it doesn't take up extra space in the dining room. It "hides" itself easily when we have company!

HW- 6 months old

How was your day? : )

Mom has been busy making burp cloth taggies for Harbor and upcoming baby showers we are attending.

A few went to this sweet couple-

Since their baby shower was held after our monthly faculty meeting, I had mom swing by and drop Harbor off. He was a good baby during the meeting and shower and it was fun to see him while at work. : ) Afterwards, we enjoyed our time at home together as a family.

I have been working here and there, when I can, on some summer onesies for Harbor. I'm hoping now that school is out for the summer, to make a to-do list and cross something off each day. I can't stand unfinished projects and am looking forward to getting the house cleaned and my craft room purged of half finished creations.

This week at school, we have had a field day with inflatables for jumping, another field day with activity rotations at a local park, and gone rollar skating. As a team, we had these cute pink and brown shirts made that say, "Closed for the Season" over top of a brain. Ha, ha! I love my team! We have worn them to several of our year-end events. We are already planning our first of the year shirts for next year, which will be a "cowboy" theme.

Harbor turned six months old earlier this month! He is a gift we certainly don't deserve, but are forever thankful we were entrusted with to care for!

David and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Tulsa at the Zoo. We love the Tulsa Zoo! We last went there over Valentine's Day.. One of our other favorite visits occured on our honeymoon. Our good friends, the Hickmans, had never been, so we invited them along. It was a muggy, summer day, but the company kept us smiling.

My parents called us Saturday night, asking to keep Harbor. It is hard to pass that up, especially when you are lucky enough to live only minutes from your parents. David thought it would be fun to take everything off the jeep, go to dinner and just drive around. It was fun! Harbor enjoyed his ride as well on the way home with no doors.. I sat in the back with him to make sure he stayed safe (and make sure Mr. Paci didn't go overboard!!) We went out to eat at Cafe Rue' Orleans and drove no where in particular... We played our Police cd and jammed out! : )

And if this post isn't long enough, these are some pictures I snapped this morning on our way out the door to church, and after church at lunch.

Here's to June- and all the BBQ, fireflies, and sunscreen we can stand! : )