Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Say It Isn't So"- Hall & Oates

Kool and the Gang & Hall and Oates!

David,Dad, and I went to see some fab' 80's bands tonight in Fayetteville! Kool and the Gang and Hall and Oates! They were great! We saw Sarah, David's nephew's fiance, and many employees from the Bank of Fayetteville. The bands rocked the house! It made it feel like summertime is here! Speaking of summertime, I have only two days left with my kids before they are 6th graders! Today, the 4th graders came through to tour and I met my new kiddos. Very sweet kids! I am already excited about next year. Teaching is the best career ever!! : )

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our lights are installed! Brick has begun! Fun, Fun, Fun!! : ) I will replace the white lamp shades with black ones that will match my new black table. I bought some "Foo-Foo" feathers and girlied the black ones up! Very cute! The chandelier is in the future baby's nursery and will go over the crib, in the corner. The hanging tear drop light is in the foyer. The staircase shot is a bit of a mess with boxes, but they installed the wall sconce going down the stairs. The fans and can lights are all in. I especially love the can lights and two fans on the back covered porches- so soothing! : )

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day Trip!

David and I really needed a break from the ordinary, so we took off to visit the Queen Wilhelmina castle in the Queen Wilhelmina State Park. Located off the Talimena Scenic Drive in the Ouachita Mountains, the castle sits at Arkansas's second highest peak at 2,681 feet above sea level. The castle was first built in 1898 and was named "Queen Wilhelmina" because of the Dutch funds used to build the castle, but also in the high hopes that the Queen of Holland, Wlihelmina, would pay the area a visit. She unfortunately did not, but the grandor and beauty still remain today. David and I went hiking, rode a miniature train around the grounds, sat on the veranda and rocked in chairs, and simply relaxed. We had a very restful get-a-way! We had originally visited the castle by motorcycle when we were first married. It was a treat to go back! : ) It really reminds me of the lodge in Dirty Dancing, only much fancier, because it is in the middle of nowhere and very romantic- nothing to do but talk! : ) In the mornings, because of the elevation, the lodge is shrouded in mist. Want to go? Visit: Looking for a scenic ride? Visit:

David makes our shutters!

David set to work Saturday to make our shutters for the new house. We have decided to use one big shutter, the full size of the outer window, as opposed to having two shutters per window, tall and skinny. We will put one shutter per window on the outersides of the outside windows. He enjoys these types of projects!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Paint is here!

Sassy green, rave red, anjou pear, hopsack..... Paint is about finished! They are still touching up/cleaning/pulling off tape. We spent time with David's family Thursday night, touring the house and visiting. Joann, David's mom, loved the red bathroom! My favorite is probably the dining room, but I love the pear color of the bedrooms and the coffee walls. The kitchen cabinets still need to be glazed, our front door and cedar stained, but those things will be last. If the weather will cooperate, the driveway will be poured in the next few days. Also, brick and rock are waiting patiently to be put up. We have purchased our 'fridge, stove, new living room furniture, and bedroom furniture. Our whole life is in the storage building, I'm afraid. I have loved, loved shopping!! I can't wait to get it all put together.