Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hay Ride

As a small child, I'm sure nothing is more exciting than going along for a hay ride.

The rumbling tractor stops,
you watch in awe as the farmer quickly strides in your direction,
he seems to be coming straight for you,
can it be?
 an outstretched hand beckons you to come,
you glance toward mama...
can I really go?
holding fingers tightly, you leap cut hay in a bounding gallop
climbing high into the cooled tractor cab,
the AC blowing in your face
holding onto the bar, the tractor jolting back to life
hungrily eating grass
you are helping
the farmer needs you
you are going on a hay ride

For a little boy, there aren't many happier moments than that.
: )

{My mom mailed us our CD disk of Arkansas pictures, so expect a few more posts like this to finish up our visit!}

Friday, June 1, 2012

4th of July Shelves

Hope you had a great Memorial Day with your family!

In years past, we have spent our Memorial Day like this,
but this year we did a few house projects and stayed around home.
We certainly missed all the festivities at home in Arkansas.

I had my shelves redecorated in time to be Memorial Day shelves,
but I am planning on using them
for the 4th of July, also.
Freedom shelves, perhaps?
: )

And holidays past...

I love looking at how different the light is in these past pictures.
Today's pictures reflect a rainy, cloudy day here in Detroit.
Our high yesterday was only in the 60's.

Do you have a favorite holiday shelf thus far?
You can follow the label "Holiday Ikea Shelves"
at the bottom of this post to see them up close,
if that tickles your fancy this weekend.
: )

Hope you have a relaxing weekend with family.
Summer is here! Woo Hoo! : )