Monday, July 27, 2009

Motorcycle Momma

Hello all! What a great summer we are having. I think I have yet to have one moment of "unfun" this summer! (I made that word up, but, hey- i'm off for the summer! Literacy teachers are allowed to speak poorly in the summer, right?)

I have such exciting news! I have a new blog to share! If you have been reading me for any length of time, you know I talk tons about my cute-as-a-button cousin, Rachel. She has just started her very own blog, and if you are a friend or family member, you may do well to follow her closely- she will probably update more than me and you may be able to see more of what we are doing through her! Ha, ha! If you are a reader of mine at all, she would be just tickled if you visited her and left a comment. Visit Rachel to see what she is all about!

I just finished a really fun tile order for Ashley- she wanted a girly horse print for her young daughter's bedroom. Since her daughter is a toddler, the last thing I wanted was a really realistic horse. I wanted it to be whimsy and fun and almost comical, all the while being frilly and cute! I really think it will look great with all the stuff she has going on in her room! Thanks, Ashley!

We recently had some more family pictures made at the University. I really, really love the UofA. It makes me long for a graduate degree. I feel so at home on its grounds. There isn't a corner or a tree that doesn't provoke some really strong images of my youth or my early years of marriage. I'm glad to raise my son in a place where we are so happy. Our photographer was none other than Mrs. Foshe of Foshe Fotos. If you haven't checked her out, you really should. She will amaze you. : )

Just look at this little beauty! Mom, granny, and I recently hit up a local Salvation Army in search of treasure and I feel like I had the winning ticket when I found this darling rocker. It is super sturdy and just needs a good sanding. Don't you adore how tall the back is? I am planning on sanding it down and painting it for Harbor's (gulp) upcoming birthday party in November.

This weekend David and I inherited a great anitque patio set from my parents- it's a really pretty white wicker set- couch, two side chairs, two end tables, and a coffee table. The round table I did have on the deck is now coming inside and mom and I are in the process of making a fun new tablecloth for it. I think the black and white will look pretty in the green dining room.

Harbor is eight months old... sigh.. We took these pictures in his nursery at my parent's house. It is nice being able to leave him knowing he has a warm, familiar place to sleep. It also helps that his bedtime routine in never interuppted, no matter what we are doing. It sure makes date nights much more realistic for us.

I have started some birthday planning and have purchased some fabric. I think this has been the fastest year of my life. : )

My parents are HUGE "Bachelor" fans and have watch parties every week with food and friends... I haven't gotten into the show since Trista married Ryan, but Rachel is always at my parents house on Bachelor night! My mom and Rachel and I like to be goofy and have fun when we are together! : )

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts and be ye thankful." Colossians 3:15

We are so lucky to have my mother care for Harbor while we work. When she offered to keep him before we were even pregnant, we knew we were ready to start "trying." She even spends her days off with him by choice and I feel blessed beyond words. Mom, if you are reading this, we just can't get over how perfect you are! Thank you!

Two weeks ago, my mother celebrated her 50th birthday and we very spontaneously planned a motorcycle trip to Branson within about an hour's notice to celebrate. David and I, Rachel and her dad, and my dad all rode motorcycles, while my mom, aunt, granny, and HW followed in the car. We ate at Olive Garden where my mom wore the traditional 50th birthday hat worn by several other family members on their 5oth birthdays. We shopped at the Outlet mall and just enjoyed being together as a family.

I am a big fan of the Dr. Brown bottles and those were the only ones that really worked well for HW when I stopped nursing and gradually began the switch to formula. I am so happy that they also have a sippy cup out on the market! In the last month, Harbor has really taken to it and figured out how to hold it by himself. All of his milestones are met with such enthusiastic wonder in our house!

Talented keyboardist seeking lead vocals.

All in a rewarding day's work! : )

We try to make meal times, happy times, full of smiles and praise. He recognizes his highchair by sight and makes happy feet by kicking when he knows it is time to eat! : )

Harbor is such a blessing. God has given a "good and pefect gift" in that little boy. He is sleeping about 13 hours a night and every morning I find him standing up in his crib "talking". His little legs are a mile long.. his bed can only be lowered one more time and I still think he will be able to crawl out of it if can figure out how. : ) We have a great bedtime routine down and I know it has been the key to all of us resting so well.. just a few weeks ago we added teeth brushing and that has gone smoothly. He enjoys sucking the toothpaste off the brush. : ) I'm glad to teach him good habits and I think starting early can't hurt.

Reading at home...

A few weeks back, our playgroup met up at Lyndsey's house for two kinds of pizza- pepporoni and fruit! The six kids always have fun playing together and it is a great chance for us moms to talk about what phases and milestones our kids are hitting. I really feel like a better mom knowing that I have so many "go-to" girls for advice and encouragement. God is so good!

We recently met David's mom, sister, and our neice, Chyann, at Noodles for dinner. We rarely eat there, but I don't know why since it is so good! They serve a great garlic oil with your bread for dipping and, as my good friend Lyndsey said, "You could just put your face in it and lap it up!!" I couldn't have said it any better!

Two weekends ago, David and I loaded up our Goldwing and rode with three other couples on a two-day, overnight ride on the scenic Talamena Trail. We had a great time and are very thankful to my parents who played with Harbor all weekend. At the time of the trip, Harbor was seven months old, and this was our first trial run at spending the night "somewhere" else. Since Harbor is used to his nursery at their house, he slept through the night and did just fine. David and I missed him, but really enjoyed getting to spend some quality time together just to reconnect. To me, motorcycles and romance are just hand-in-hand. (I can hear some of you yelling, "Yeah, right! Not for me! I hate those things!") Ha, ha!

Christmas in July has come and gone at our abode. I recently finished all 170 Christmas cards for this year. Since they are 100% handmade, I work on them in the summer. I did this last year also when I was pregnant because I knew with a November baby, my time would be limited. I think it is my new annual tradition around here now. Maybe I will give a sneak peek soon... the colors are so vivid and very untraditional. : ) I have been making my Christmas cards by hand since we were married eight years ago. It is a hobby I just love. I would love to get together with any gals from NWA if they make their own also! Any takers???

Have a great week and don't forget to say hello to Miss Rachel!