Monday, September 28, 2009

A Little of This and That- EDITED

Edited: For all of you NWA ladies, Geraldi's restaurant is located off University Street, close to Powerhouse. It is in the same little plaza as Wes's BBQ beneath the little apartment complex with the duck pond that just recently burnt down. Know where that is?

Harbor William's new favorite toy of late has been his big orange car. Thankfully, our house is tiled (minus the bedrooms), which makes pushing him around easy!

Harbor's crib is lowered as low as it can go, and poor Harbor is just so tall- close to 31 inches and only 10 months old! Since he is so tall, he loves chewing on his crib. We bought his crib brand new and were excited to find something that we liked that could transition into a toddler bed. Now that he is chewing on everything in sight, we get a good laugh thinking about him sleeping in that full bed when is 15 with teeth marks all over it. Ha, ha!

Things at the McCash house are going well! We are just so busy that I wonder where the days go most of the time. David loves being out of school and working at his new job. He took a vacation day this past Friday with two of the other engineers at the plant and test drove motorcycles all day at Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, which is a big rally we have here in NWA. Our motorcycle is paid off, so I told him not to get any big ideas. : )

The Jones Center called him again to co-teach a "Daddy Boot Camp" class for new and expectant dads, so he had a full day class he taught recently. He has another motocycle class he plans to attend in another state in a few weeks and is looking forward to the ride there with his friends. I'm so happy he has a fun hobby that allows him to concentrate on things other than work. He also has a camping trip in the works for October... he is a busy boy, that's for sure! He still manages to give Harbor a bath everynight and make dinner most nights, which I really appreciate.

We are still riding our bicycles quite frequently and Harbor enjoys the fresh air. So do I, really. It makes my day feel so much more worthwhile to just get out after work and breathe good, clean air. School is in full swing for me. I am busy giving the DRA assessment to my kiddos this week and have PT conferences on Thursday. I have a really great group of kiddos this year and just enjoy having a fufilling career to go to each day. In this economy, I feel so lucky to make a good living. I know so many people, our friends included, who have not been so lucky, and I just feel so blessed.

Rachel, my cousin, and I both share September birthdays, and we usually have a joint family birthday party. We celebrated at a local Italian eatery, Geraldi's, and then all went bowling. Rachel turned 19, and I, 28. These pictures are not the best, but I made her a little Razorback tote bag since she plays in the Razorback Marching Band. I thought it would fun to have a little bag to carry her music in, etc.. for away games and the like. I have, unfortunately, not been taking pictures of my craft projects, so I am thankful my mom snapped a few of her bag. I cut out the black and white hog myself without a stencil, so I was pretty proud. If you live in the Natural state, you have no doubt tried to doodle a hog once or twice, and I am afraid, it is just not as easy at it looks. Ha! (For me anyway!)

I hope this week is a good one for you and your family!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sneak Peek

It's beginning to look a lot like.. a birthday around here! I'm so thankful to have a nice, big craftroom where I can spread out all my "junk" and work. I'm also glad it is downstairs in our walk-out basement and not upstairs where our main living areas are located. With Harbor close to walking, I know my glitter is safe. : ) My mom caught me working on some crafty birthday things and since these pictures are almost three weeks old now, I feel like I should show you some of the cute little things I have been working on. I have a lot more finished now and have enjoyed handmaking most of "theme." Hip, hip, hooray for birthdays!

I found an old post of my craft room here, but man, I need to update you with some pictures. A lot has changed down here.. I have some new furniture that is really fun!

Harbor is already 10 months old, but these pictures are from about two weeks ago when we went for his 9-month well baby visit. He is healthy and tall. I'm so happy that he hasn't had an ear infection, a cough, or a cold yet. I'm wondering if I am exposing him to little things everyday when I come home from school? If so, I hope it is making his immunse system even that much stronger. I did make the decision to vaccinate him with the flu vaccine. He ran a slight temperature for a day or so, but ended up being just fine. We are seeing a new doctor and I really, really like her. Her husband is also named David, they also waited around seven years to try for their first baby, and she is a scrapbooker. She touches my arm when she talks to me and I love it because I am SUCH a touchy-feely, "have to hug people when I leave" kind of gal. It sure makes for fun doctor's visits.

Oh my goodness... the best money ever spent was spent on Harbor William's bicycle trailer! My mom was super kind and bought it as an early birthday present for Harbor and it already has some miles on it. We ride about three times a week and just get out there and break a sweat. David usually leaves me in the dust, even though he is pulling Harbor and my zillion bags of snacks and diet cokes.. I mean water. : ) He yells, "Down shift, up shift" All I do is turn both of my gears until it sounds like my chain is going to fall off. When I hear the "clicking" sound I stop. I have no idea what i'm doing, but I think I have David fooled into believing I am a cycling genius. Maybe.

Every Saturday morning, pending we don't have to be somewhere, David gets up early and makes a big breakfast. I always look forward to sitting at the table together in our p.j.'s and discussing how we are are going to spend the day. HW really likes to eat eggs and we have started letting him have a tiny bit of sugar-free syrup with his pancake. I tell David we are getting him ready to have cake on his birthday for the very first time! : )

A few weeks ago, David hung a swing out of the big tree in our front yard. My mom and I were so jazzed to have a place outside to take Harbor without having to load up and go to the park. I really want a cedar swingset and we are thinking this spring would be a good time to invest in one. Until then, Harbor really enjoys going outside with Bichon and taking it all in. We are so glad we were able to save all of our nice big trees when we built this house two years ago. A swing in the front yard is just what I had envisioned. : )

"No matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without love." I Corinthians 13:3

Have a good weekend! We are booked! Saturday morning, David has been hired on to do some landscaping in another neighborhood, and Saturday afternoon David has an "engineering" cookout for the family get together from work and Sunday I am throwing Rachel and Ashley a party at their new apartment.. it is a recipe party. Can't wait!