Thursday, August 30, 2007

Warning: Annoying, High Pitched Voices Ahead

I know, I know... we are nerds. But the truth is, this is a scene played daily at our house. When we get home from work, it usually goes something like this. We love our dog more than two normal people should. We talk to her, and sometimes we swear she answers.

Whoever said you can't buy love, is a liar!

The Garage Door

Bichon's daily delight is hearing the garage door open, thus signaling the entrance of her favorite person!

All "Decked" Out!

We worked on our deck a little last weekend; added two wind chimes and four twirlers, a table cloth, and a lantern. I plan on working on the antique metal chairs this weekend. I want to strip them to bare metal, sand them, and repaint them a yummy shade of deep pink. Since David is not keen on pink in the house, I decided the deck was a safe place to add some color! I love pink!

Paint Project

I bought this little frame at Hobby Lobby 1/3 off, and wanted it to go in the little built-in shelf I had our cabinet maker make in the guest bathroom. The frame plus the supplies was only $3.00. I used an earring from the Salvation Army, and just pushed it through. I made a raffia bow out of some left over raffia that was on a Christmas present. No glue needed! : ) I think making your own home decor is so much more fun than buying it. Although T.J. Maxx is my exception to that rule.... Where else can you find Kenneth Cole, Dooney and Burke, and the Hotel collection for a fraction of the price? I always say that T.J. Maxx really means "Totally. Jessica. to the Maxx!!"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Check out my Guestbook!

So, I stole this idea from Kelly (a blogger I love to read about, but have never met!) Sign in above and let's see how far around the globe everyone is from! : )

Our Personal Barnes' and Noble!

This last weekend, David moved the bookshelf into the office, and I spent the day unpacking our book collection, organizing by genre, and sorting by series and author. We have a lot of books! More than we even thought, once we got them together. I saved 90% of my college textbooks, and because we are both avid readers, they seem to pile up quickly. We can blow $100 in Hastings or Barnes' and Noble on books every weekend (but we don't!) My mom cut and velcroed the black fabric you see on the computer desk, so that all of our wires are hidden. Quite ingenious, mom! David is really pleased he had our builder put the outlets in the floor when they first poured the slab, so that we can have our desk and computer at an angle. With the stained concrete floors, cherry armoire for David's video games, and leather chair and ottoman, the office is a place I definitely want to relax and unwind in!

A Trip Down Memory Lane (AKA The Stairs!)

David and I will be married seven years this April, and since the beginning of our journey, we have matted and framed pictures of us as a couple on vacation. We usually go skiing every March, and take a week long, motorcycle road trip every summer. We have gone as far as Las Vegas, Galcier National Park, Canada, British Columbia, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, and Sturgis. The mats are white and the frames are black; I chose this color scheme to make sure the color photos really pop. I then record where we were, and the month and year. Is there a photo for every single plae we have vacationed? No! We choose only one or two photos a year that we agree are our favorite. We decided to hang our photos going down our stairs as an alternative to art or more traditional family photos. The pictures tell a story, and I find myself stopping mid-way down to admire or recall a wonderful vacation memory spent with my husband.

Green Bean Bacon Wraps

Zack, Amy, and Zayde spent the night Saturday night, and we all went to church together in the morning. Because we had our Connection Group kickoff Sunday night, it was easier for them to stay with us, than have to drive all over NWA. Sunday afternoon, they hung out at our place while we ran to the mall and Wal-Mart. Later that night, Amy and I whipped up a batch of green bean bacon wraps, covered in brown sugar and butter. They were a big hit at the pot-luck, and David even requested that I make them last night, but I was out of whole green beans. We are to so lucky to have Zack and Amy as friends! They are the kind of friends you can have over with your house a mess, no makeup on, and donning your mismatched P.J.'s! : )

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice!

Last night, we had some sweet little visitors! Chyann and Madison stopped by to see their new room, and check out their toys. I have always kept books and toys for our little visitors in a bag, and the girls know just where to look for them. They were so polite and sweet, and we just love having kids over to visit. Bichon thinks they are just for her, and practically begs to be packed around and held. I hope our little girls, should we have girls, are just as precious and adorable as they are! Come see us again, girls!