Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Surprises!

My beautiful cousin, Rachel, came over last night for dinner. She had wonderful news to tell us! She is currently a senior in High School and is excited to graduate in May. She was debating between attending the University of Arkansas, which is my alma mater (along with other members of our family), or attending college in Russelville at a smaller school. David and I really wanted her to choose UofA just because we know first hand what a fabulous school it is. We said nothing, however, to sway her decision. Last night when she came over for dinner she announced that she was the newest member of the Arkansas Razorbacks Marching Band!! We were so thrilled! This is a huge honor, with a tough audition, and lots of competition. She beat out many, many other flute players in order to achieve this goal. As a family, we can't wait to see her on the field and on the jumbo tron at all the Hog games. She and David will have a year together on campus, which they are very excited about. She will live on campus in a greek house- we love that she will still be close to us! So, for those of you NWA people, look for the cute blonde with the flute this coming fall!

Farmington Prom- 2008

Prairie Grove Prom- 2008

Today at school, the office delivered a really sweet bouquet of roses to my classroom. The card had no signature, but it was David's handwriting. He is so funny- only David would send flowers without dropping a name. It was very sweet. He is really fabulous at sending flowers for no reason. After school, I called Rachel to see how school went today for her, and she thanked me profusely for the flowers she had received at school today! I laughed! She said David didn't sign her card, but that it read,...."Jessica and I are so proud of you..." somewhere and she knew it was David. So David scored major double points today! Two bouquets of roses to two ladies! He is on a roll.

Lastly, the weather here is getting so warm. Thunderstorms usually rock the house in the night, but the late afternoons are really warm and breezy. David hung, for our Anniversary in April, two wrought iron hooks on our cedar and bought hanging plants. It was a nice anniversary present (he also picked out a purse and sunglasses on his own too.) With the weather nice though, the plants have really blossomed. I smile everyday I pull down into the driveway.

Happy Spring!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

This weekend was a busy one for us! David's brother and his family came to stay the weekend with us from Omaha, Nebraska. It was nice having weekend company, and we just love Doug and Liz! We also attended Hudson's first birthday party. Lyndsey had her house decorated so cute, and Hudson was just adorable.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Our seven year anniversary is on Monday. What a great 7 years it has been! We have enjoyed our time together, traveling, skiing, vacationing on our Goldwing, loving on our Bichon Frise, and being "kids" together! When we married, we could have never forseen the wonders of the life that was before us. I smile to know that our Heavenly Father knew though. I've been keeping somewhat of a secret for many, many weeks now, but with our anniversary on Monday, I am ready to make our announcement.

We are pregnant! : )

I had my first Dr.'s appointment yesterday, and David and I always knew that we were ready, we would keep it under wraps for a while, just to have a special time to enjoy it all by ourselves. I am halfway through my first trimester, and with an ultrasound coming the first week of May, I feel ready to share our good news. Now, all of our family and very close friends were told at week five, but most people don't know, unless by word of mouth. I am definitely a private person, and, despite being overjoyed, I haven't wanted to tell every single person I know. We have really relished in our little secret. We have enjoyed keeping it private.

Here are some of the questions I have been getting asked:

1. Were you trying?

This is always a popular question, no matter who is pregnant, so I don't mind being asked at all. I ask it ALL the time! : ) Were we trying? Oh, yes. A very big yes. We were trying in the technical sort- charting, graphing, etc.. Let me start at the beginning.. David and I, like I said, will be married 7 years on Monday, the 14th. We enjoy just being married. We love traveling, sleeping in, and being selfish. Ha, ha! You know what I mean. I am not a baby person by nature. I love my children in my class and they are literally like my own flesh and blood. I love my friends' kids because they are an extension of my very gorgeous, good looking friends. : ) In all seriousness, I just have never felt the twang of the baby bug. Even at the hospital, even when good friends delivered, there was never the bug. Everyone told me that it would come when the time was right- so I waited.... and with 7 years on the horizon, it is funny to say that I still don't have the bug, but I am overjoyed. I think for me, my personality is not really very emotional, and so I am just really laid back about the whole thing. I am excited, but I am happy just as I am, which makes this baby just another great addition to our family- it doesn't "make" me, if that makes sense. I am already content with the life God has blessed with me. This child is really, in my mind, an extension of what David and I have already established- love.

In February, my mom came over with our Valentine's Day gifts. After we opened them, she said, "I want to be your nanny." I said, "?!?!?" My mom HAS never mentioned kids in all these years, and quite frankly, I didn't think it ever crossed her mind. She said it never had, until just recently. She said she knows I am conflicted- I cannot quit teaching (not because of financial reason per say, but because I am just that addicted to loving other people's kids). She also knows that I am not comfy with a nameless day care. Our confliction led David and I to just keep putting it off, because, like I said, I don't have the baby bug anyway. It has never been an issue. David loves that I love to teach and fully supports that. And when we married, I told David that I would never have a child until he came to me and said he wanted a family and was ready. He totally agreed and was glad I didn't want to push the issue. I thought we wouldn't have kids until our 30's for sure.

So, when my mom throws the offer on the table- "I will drive to your house every morning, I want to create a full nursery in my home too, library days, swimming in the afternoon, ballet, and park trips, all the scheduling conflicts and Dr. visits- we , as a couple, for the very first time, actually talked about having a family. We had never, really done it before. We always KNEW we would have kids, but the "how" and "when" were just too complicated. It wasn't like her offer made us do it by any means, but a little idea blossomed that night and grew and grew.. It grew until we were busting with excitement.

We discussed trying in March because it would make it a Thanksgiving baby and the time off from work was already built in and would be great as extra weeks off. We charted, and mapped, and read, and read. But, no credit to us- we know children from God. This may be too much info for most of you, but when I say we "tried" for the very first time in our entire marriage, that is what I mean. (Hint- unprotected!!) Not kidding. We had never gone that route, not even once in 7 years. I know many of you think this is weird, but for the other 6 compulsive planners out there in the world who may or may not be reading this, you may feel right at home with that idea. This choice is more David than me, mind you, but we have loved this plan and for 7 years it has kept us happy.

We tried one time, and we decided that it nothing happened (nothing happens the first time EVER, right?) we would wait until the summer. So, Spring break rolled around and we skied.... and you know what? I knew it! I just felt it!

When the test came back positive after coming home, we screamed and ran around the house and Bichon thought we had lost it. And of course, we really had. This is also a great time financially, which influenced our time table. We have had a baby "account" at the bank for quite some time, and so we have a savings in place. I do not function well with stress, so I truly admire all of you out there who can roll with the punches in good faith. Knowing most of our needs will be met with that account gives me great peace. Which is wonderful because stress makes me snack. : )

2. Do you know how rare it is to get pregnant the very first time?

Yes, I think it is rare too. BUT!! Again, this may sound over the top, but we prayed about it the night before AND after we tried. We really did, and God and I had a little talk, and I said, "You know, You will be the one to open this door or close it. And really, either way is fine. I have zero expectations. I am happy just the two of us for the rest of my life, so if you want it, go for it. If not, fine by me too." I am trusting that God's will was done. I have no other explanation for it. But, we are a fertile family. My mom got pregnant with me the very first time she ever had sex. Seriously. Any other bloggers have a similar story?

3. Will you work?

Yes! I know that many of you have already called me and said, "Just wait. When the baby comes you will want to stay home." You know, you are probably right. I am not dismissing anything. I love that blasted dog like no man's land, so I cannot fathom more love than that. I love teaching though, and I do have a secret dream of having a "teachers" kid. I want to be there at school, to know their teachers personally, to know what testing they are being given, to know who drives their bus on a personal level... I want them to grow up and say their mom taught. Now, I am not dismissing any other dreams of any other bloggers. I am a teacher. I adore kids from all backgrounds. There is no "right" way- just what is right for us. I tend to be obsessive compulsive, and when I am off in the summer, I am usually bored to death. I am ready to go back when the summer is over. I just enjoy being graphical and logistical with paper too much. I would drive our kids crazy with scheduling and projects and mini units in the backyard everyday. That is who I am. When I come home, my kids will benefit from getting a mommy who has been exasperated at work and can devote the evening to them. The summers off and great vacation weeks through out the year are perks too. AND! I'm off on snow days and get off at 3:15. Woo Hoo!

4. Is David excited?

A big yes. More than me,actually. He took off work and came to my dr.'s appointment and has already taken off work for the next. He is the youngest of six, and is ready for the challenge. He asked for it, he wanted it, he prayed for it, he actually talked me into it in the beginning, so he is ready! After my first appointment, I rested in the car with my eyes closed (four viles of blood went sayanora, ya know...) When I realized where we were, he had stopped at Ricks Bakery, where he got bought three petifors and a white cake with buttercream icing as a baby celebration treat. He is very sweet and very romantic. He has done all the cooking for the last three weeks. Every bit. He is very helpful. He has encouraged me to quit my coke addiction, which I have. But to help me, he had quit Dr. Pepper. This is huge for us!! We are miserable drinking our water, but we are miserable together, which makes us laugh out loud in restaurants, to the amusement of every one around us. He is already scheming the perfect tree house for the backyard.

5. Is your mom excited?

Hello!! She is soo excited!! She is setting up a nursery at her house too- crib, new bedding, painted walls, chandelier over the crib- the whole burrito. Today she actually went to Old Navy and went shopping on my behalf for maternity clothes. I love my mom. I am so excited about the bond she will have with this little McCash baby. My dad and David work together at the same Bank, and David was so looking forward to telling everyone at work, but when he got there, my dad had beat him to the chase and spread the good word! We got a great big chuckle out of that. I am an only child, so needless to say, this is the "big time!"

6. How did you tell everyone?

It is a tradition in our family that every year, after any trip of any kind, I make a fun slide show complete with music, video, graphics, etc.. to highlight the trip. I include inside jokes and our favorite memories. My mom is a photographer on the side, and so between the ladies on the trips, we have around 1,000 pictures to usually shuffle through. We kept it from even our family until about 5 weeks, when the entire ski trip buddies came over to my parents to watch the slide show. At the very end of the slide show, we had a couple of slides that read, "Ready for Spring Break 2009?" "Let's Invite Someone New!" "We Know Who We Are Going To Bring!" "Baby McCash Coming in November!" We included pictures of us "finding out" at home, etc. I video tapped them watching the slide show, and it is hilarious!!! We told David's family on March 24th, his 27th birthday. We wrapped up a positive test to look like a carrot (for Easter) and since she is a nurse, gave it to her just like that. She started crying and skipping around the house. David is her last child in the lineup of six and the only one without kids.

We are thrilled, and even more so, astounded at God's perfect timing and wisdom. I feel great, and we have another big motorcycle trip planned this summer, so Lord willing, we will hit the road in July. I may be riding in a car to follow, but who knows. Keep us in your prayers as we prepare for a new life. Designing the nursery is like sucking helium for me- I am about to float away with the great ideas I have in my head! : )