Meet Jessica!

So glad you've stopped on over to our family blog.

My name is Jessica.
 I've been married for over 14 years to my high school sweetie.
We have three little ones that keep me happy. And busy.

In the fourteen years we've been married, we've lived in five homes.
We've also lived in three states- Arkansas, Michigan, and now out west in Colorado.

My husband is an engineer with a degree in Industrial Engineering, and his career keeps life exciting.
I am an "early" retired 5th grade teacher. I taught Reading and Writing for six years before staying home full time.
Being home has been my most favorite career-
I love keeping home, cooking, and finding adventures in our own backyard!

When I'm not stirring a soup pot, changing a dirty diaper, or working on phonics flash cards-
you might find me painting, scrap booking, making Christmas cards, resalvaging old furniture, or party planning.

My camera is always charged and around my neck.
Photojournaling my family is my heartbeat.

We are always on the hunt for a bit of mountain magic.

From the south, to the north in Detroit, to the wild, wild west....
I like to say that we're just a little bit of "Southern Flair" breathing lots of "Mountain Air!"


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  2. I read your blog for so
    Many years and have often wondered how you are doing. I found you!!!!!