Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hay Ride

As a small child, I'm sure nothing is more exciting than going along for a hay ride.

The rumbling tractor stops,
you watch in awe as the farmer quickly strides in your direction,
he seems to be coming straight for you,
can it be?
 an outstretched hand beckons you to come,
you glance toward mama...
can I really go?
holding fingers tightly, you leap cut hay in a bounding gallop
climbing high into the cooled tractor cab,
the AC blowing in your face
holding onto the bar, the tractor jolting back to life
hungrily eating grass
you are helping
the farmer needs you
you are going on a hay ride

For a little boy, there aren't many happier moments than that.
: )

{My mom mailed us our CD disk of Arkansas pictures, so expect a few more posts like this to finish up our visit!}


  1. Love all your photos. I know these grass covered fields full of big shade trees are nothing like the conceate jungle you live in but know you guys are missed & loved & whenever you can come home will be just like you left it.So glad the CD made it in the mail :)love you....Mom

  2. He is such a handsome little guy!

  3. Hey jessica,
    I have read your blog forever and you and I have actually "comment talked" as i call it a few times.. I wanted to get your opinion on something. I am getting married and want to make my engagement Save The Date cards and my invitation do you have any suggestions where I could look for ideas?
    I love all the crafting ideas you have show, and I adore you house soooo cute..
    Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.

  4. I remember going on hayrides when I was little. They don't have that around here. Would be a ton of fun though.

  5. Oh, Jessica!!! I hope and pray things are going well. I've missed your blogpostings. Happy 4th of July!

  6. So cute!

    Miss your posts! Hope y'all are having a good summer!

  7. Love this description! Can't everyone relate to that feeling of riding a hay-filled trailer as a kid. Cute pics!