Monday, October 8, 2007

~~~...Chiggers, bleach water, and deer guts!!!!!!!...~~~ (A recipe for fun!)

This weekend we headed out with "Zamy-Zayde" for Lee's Creek. We camped one night, and had a really relaxing weekend. We arrived on Saturday morning, set up camp, and then went to the bluffs. David bluff jumped (which I hate), while Amy and I talked (which I love), while Zack fished (which is safer than David!) We lived it up! Well, as much as humanly possible without light bulbs, running water, shoe choices, or thread-count sheets.

"The A-Team!"

I sat under the fishing poles, with the backpack snuggli resting comfortably on my neck. Very cozy on the dirt roads, let me tell you. : )

The boys set up camp, while Amy found a spot for Zayde. I had the VERY important job as camera operator(many years of serious training to obtain this prominent position......)

Me and Zayde- Before the sweat and dehydration kicked in, I looked pretty good!(Note: David informed us that he mixed bleach in our water jug to kill any living amobea that may be swimming around. Consequently, I drank only coke the rest of the trip. With the temperatures reaching near 85, I was quite sure I needed a diabetic diagnosis.

Our camp fire wizard(AKA-my better half)- he made a fire after using an amazing 22 matches! Oh, the skills!!

David preparing to jump off the bluff. (not pictured: me, praying to God our life insurance poilcy is current.)

David with the "chick magnet" Zayde.

Dinner- grilled chicken, onions, peppers, and cheese. Also known as "Jessica's chicken" on my birthday, and other various holidays. As you can see, everything revolves around me.

After a night of sleeping under the stars (with daddy-long legs the size of pancakes, covered in chiggers), we awoke to a peaceful sunrise (accompanied by Zayde crawling around in the tent, sucking on David's toes), and the sound of birds chirpping (after hearing wild coyotes all night, scrounging around by the water's edge eating deer guts, which a hunter had left after skinning the deer close to our camp. Ewwww.....) Ah, the morning (considering none of us are morning people!)

After breakfast, Zack went to fish, Amy went to feed Zayde, and David went to destroy God's finest creations. I, of course, followed him, being as my job as camera operator means putting my life in harm's way. (For you PETA people, all trees hacked down (for no good reason) were already dead.)

This is where we hung our hat (and our toliet paper, for that matter!)

Summary- More fun than playing UNO and making someone draw four!!
Yes, it was that much fun!!


  1. Wow! I'm guys were really roughing it! My idea of roughing it is no hot water at the Holiday Inn! har Looks like a great time was had by all! You are a great cook Jessica!

  2. Looks like a fun time!YOu had a busy weekend.

  3. How fun! I want to go camping, but it has to be at a campsite with a public shower! Thanks for the comments--yes, Brooklynn is so much fun to watch. We literally just sit around and watch her every night (more entertaining than tv).

  4. Wow.... Jessica my hat is off to you & Amy for going out to the woods to camp. To do without the luxurious of the city life I don't like to be without them. But from the pictures it looks like a pretty place to spend the weekend & I know it was right down Zack & David's alley to do all that outdoors stuff that guy's seem to enjoy. You & Amy are such great wives to have. But I know the guys already know this, Ha!!!!

  5. Well - your weekend involved the two things in life I hate the most - motorcycles and camping. ha! But you looked so cute doing both.
    The food did look good! :-)

  6. We had so much fun Jessica! Thank you so much for saving me from all the daddy long-legs. What would I have done without you?!

  7. I'll have to get your camping cook out recipes. Not sure when we'll take our new Brownie troup camping (probably next Spring/Summer), but I want to make sure we have decent food!

  8. I loved reading about your trip! You have such a great way of describing things. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  9. Looks like you all had fun! Lee's Creek is a great place to camp.. Brandon and I had alot of fun that time we went with you and David. Oh, the momories! (4-wheelers and 'mudding', canoeing and hail!!)
    Fun stuff!