Wednesday, November 14, 2007

7 Random Facts

Kelly tagged me with this. I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself.

Here's the rules:
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Tag 7 people with their links at the end of the post then scout them out and let them know they've been tagged (I may or may not do this step - so if you reading this and I tagged you - surprise!)

Here goes:

1. I HATE Ranch dressing. I have actually never even tried it because I can't get past the smell and the look of it. David knows when he eats it that he will receive no goodnight kiss from me! I believe I am only one of three people worldwide who don't eat Ranch.

2. I learned to speak English and German at the same time because we lived in Germany until I was halway thorugh 2nd grade, and I went to a German-American school. My dad was an intelligence officer in the Army until "we" retired as a family when I was halfway through 7th grade. We lived in some pretty interesting places, and my dad carried intillegence during those years. We moved constantly and I loved it. I still have nomadic blood to this day. Being anywhere for very long makes me antsy.

3. When we lived in Germany, we actually lived for three years in Nuremberg in Adolf Hitler's soldiers' barracks. The U.S. Army took over the camp after the war, and the very apartments his soldiers slept in, we slept in. From my bedroom window as a little girl, I could easily see his gas chambers and main headquarters.

4. When I was in 6th grade, I only saw my dad twice. He was stationed in Seoul, Korea, while mom and I opted to stay in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. As a family, choosing to do it that way meant my dad could come home in a year. If we all went as a family, we would have had to live in Korea for two years. Oddly enough, 6th grade was my favorite year in school. I think I blocked a lot of that year out. He sent a lot of Dooney and Burke handbags to us from off the black market, which was fun. Thus, my shopping fetish for expensive bags started at 12.

5. I don't listen to current music. I stay stuck in my little warp of the 1980's and that is the way I prefer it. I drive around with my 80's collection in the car- Foreigner, The Police, Toto, Men at Work, Huey Lewis and the News, Tina Turner, Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the list goes on and on yall... If it has a synthesizer, keyboard, and requires men to sing in high pitched tones, I'm on it!!

6. I secretly want to live in an apartment. David and I bought a house at 19, a few months before our wedding, and so, as a married couple, we have never lived in an apartment or duplex. I know this is a luxury and a blessing, but a part of me has always longed to have a little apartment together. The neighbors upstairs, the parking, the gossip I could hear through the paper thin walls... Oh, the drama! I feel like we missed out!!

7. I have two incurable skin diseases. Not to gross you out, because they are not contagious or unsightly. In fact, if I didn't tell you, you would probably never know. One is Rosacea, which causes my face to stay a rosy shade of pink no matter what. I never need blush, and when I get embarrassed, I am red for HOURS!! When I drink wine, I am red for HOURS!! When I get too hot or cold, I look like I have been in a tanning bed under bulbs all day. I also have Keratosis Pilaris. It is a skin disease that you are born with and it affects the backs of your arms. I was diagnosed a few years into our marriage, but I have had it all my life. It is a cell defect in which my skin cells don't flake on the back of my arms quickly enough, therefore every pore becomes red. Every hair follicle acts like a tiny clogged pore. Basically, I have red cheeks and red arms all the time. It could be worse, I know, but it's still something I have manage for the rest of my life.

I tag Amy H., Brandy F., Brittney H., Meredith E., and Ashley D. to tell me 7 random facts!!


  1. Make it 4 people. because i CAN NOT eat ranch. so gross!

    and that Germany stuff blows my mind! That's incredible.

  2. OMG Jessica...I HATE Ranch too! I can, however, eat Cool Ranch Doritos. Don't ask me. I know it makes nooooo sense.

    And me...I have never lived outside of MD and think if I had to I would die of fear. I am a major stay-putter (as opposed to a wanderer!) LOL!

  3. hate ranch? It should be a sin! ;-)I actually did know about the arm thing, but didn't know it had a name...I've known several people with it. Never noticed ur cheeks tho! I'll get on my 7 random facts now ;-)

  4. Very interesting hearing about your growing up life! How adventuresome

  5. Ooh, I have KP too! A doctor a long time ago prescribed a cream that was supposed to make it not as bad, but I found that regular lotion did just as good of a job.

    So cool about living in Germany - I am jealous! =)

  6. could tell me I did it and I wouldn't know the difference!!!

  7. So cool about living in Germany. Okay and love your decor too. Especially that sage room with the harlequin chic!

  8. uh..yah I remember, I got in major trouble that day for wildly throwing one....

  9. SO cute! I could just eat your dining room it's that cute...especially the chandelier. But I love the puppy area too with the sign. I need to decorate up our laundry room for pug. I'm actually painting my guest bath chocolate brown right fun.

  10. hey thanks for the link!
    I'm glad we've kind of gotten to know each other in the bloggy sort of way. :)

  11. Love your facts! Thanks for sharing some new stuff about you. I learned something! Have a Terrific Thursday!

  12. I feel so special, because I knew ALL 7 facts about you!! You truly are my BFF. :)

  13. by the way, my last name is Ward. i noticed i was the only one on that list without a last name. in case you want to put it on there. :)

  14. I hate Ranch dressing to. I thought I was the only one in the world. Living in Texas now, I'm finding that these people eat it on everything!!

    I'm also stuck in the time warp of music. I listen to recent music every now and then, but I pretty much prefer my good old high school days music!

  15. I never noticed the skin things--I just thought you wore really good blush!