Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Stripes!

We added the last coat of color tonight. We will have to go back and touch up tomorrow though. Having textured walls is gorgeous, but it also means that when you do any paint technique, you have to go back over it. It looks so cute, and decorating on that wall will be so much fun! I LOVE color on the walls!!! It feels like ME in here now! : )

The Jackson Five

My mom and her friends from work, at ANB Financial, dressed up as the Jackson Five for Halloween. My mom is the gal in the middle who didn't paint her face (hurts the complexion), with the white glove on. Because she refused to damage her pores with face paint, they referred to her as the Michael Jackson of present day! My mom is such a hoot! They all had so much fun, and when mom called me tonight to chit-chat, she said by noon she was completely worn out. I told her being cool is hard work.
(As a side note, there are four ladies and one guy in the office. He is just like one of the girls though, and they have so much fun teasing him. He was totally cool with everyone dressing up and painting their faces, which is great considering he needs no face paint. Thanks for being so cool, Michael!!)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tonight, David and I started the stripes in the office. David used Excel to map out his design, which will include three colors of stripes in different sizes; I am actually not really sure what the design is because it sounded a bit confusing to me. All I was allowed to do was run a bead of joint compound along the tape to stop it from bleeding underneath. David's brother, Doug, who lives in Omaha, called last night and he and his family will be coming into town late Friday night to stay the weekend with us. I think it was the motivation needed to get the project rolling. I have always been a huge fan of burnt orange, and it has already warmed the room up. Tomorrow, we will add the dark chocolate stripes. I can't wait to see what the really dark color looks like next to the orange. Fun, fun!! Stay tuned!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pink Shirt Disclaimer

FYI- I feel I owe it to David to explain the pink shirt. He is a true metrosexual. Really. And he has no shame in it. He is a straight guy, no doubt, but he loves pink. He wears it regardless of how I feel. I happen to like pink on him, but even if I didn't, he would wear it. He gets his eye brows waxed (gasp!), and has a skin care regimen stricter than mine (and more expensive!). So for all you gals who think I have him whipped into shape, he came that way from the manufacturing plant. But have no doubt, I love it!!! : )

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Making of the Christmas Card

Every year, I hand make 150 Christmas cards complete with photo and newsletter. It has been a tradition in our little family since we were married in 2001. I love it! Choosing my paper, ribbon, card stock, and favorite pose is something I am obsessed with. Just the thought of it makes me giddy. I am attending a card party on Tuesday, and thought if I could get some pictures taken today, I will only be that much closer to having them finished. My newsletter has been written, and I am ready to go! Today, my mom took several of our family members pictures for various events- Rachel's senior pictures, our Christmas card pictures, and our good friends, Zack and Amy's Christmas photos. David and I chose to have our pictures taken at the Village on the Creeks in Rogers. There were hundreds- literally- to choose from, but I think I have narrowed it down. I am really lucky to have a "mom photographer" because I have at my disposal a woman with a great camera who would love nothing more that to snap photos of me all day. Posted are a few favorites, but I am withholding the final choice as a surprise! Enjoy!

Mom said something hysterically inappropriate, and David and I literally fell off the edge of the hill, laughing our butts off!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


We closed on our house yesterday- finally! We finished construction in July, and moved in shortly after, but the market has been so crazy lately that closing in any timely fashion has been near impossible. We finished building right about the time the market plunged, and the underwriters are running fine-tooth combs over everyone closing to make sure they won't default on their loans. I'm so grateful my family is in banking, and knows the 'ins' and 'outs' of all the paperwork! We were so glad to sign those papers yesterday and be done with it! With a bit of a refund we received at closing, we bought some chocolate edging and made some woodchip beds, bought blinds, and the paint for the office stripes. We built on a little over an acre, so not having blinds has really not been an issue, but I am ready for them nonetheless. I am so looking forward to sod and woodchips, hostas, and evergreens! The house will look so pretty with a decent yard.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Office

David has agreed to paint some stripes in the office along one wall for me. If you will remember, he swore after the harlequin in the dining room that he would never paint again, but that man is easily persuaded! After I told him I would do it myself, he jumped on the wagon. He can't stand to see me do anything in the house without his expertise, so I know what to say every time to get him motivated. I want to match the stripes to the rug we have in the office, which is pretty modern- chocolate and burnt orange. The floors are stained concrete, and the room is really big. I think the stripes will warm it up a bit and it make it fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tim's Pizza

David and I adore Tim's Pizza in Fayetteville. We drive all the way there just to eat their salads. Tonight, we had canadian bacon salads and sandwiches. We hate their parking lot, though. Tim's is one of those hole in the wall places where they invest no money in "keeping up" appearances. I know the run down exterior is part of the appeal of eating there, but sometimes I wonder if they know how annoying it is to park on a gravel mound with a chucnk of concrete in the middle, and walk in wearing heels. Prabably not. Not that it stops us from going, anyhoo. After we ate, we ran into Hobby Lobby where I bought a really fun snowflake punch for my Christmas cards.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Peach Pit

For those of you who loved going to the Peach Pit, David ran to Best Buy on Sunday and bought me the 2nd Season of Beverly Hills 90210. Don't ask how much it cost- it was ridiculous. But!! I am happier than a bleach-blonde Beverly Hills barbie in Silicon Valley! I plan on enjoying all 72 hours of "Rave hair sprayed bangs" on the couch. With my dog, of course.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I have been really sick this week. It seems like I never really blog about the "real" stuff going on in my life, just the fun and entertaining stuff. Sorry. I guess that is a downfall of my personality. It is much easier to talk about everything else than what is on the homefront.

Today I finally took off from work two hours early. I hate not being at work where I know people need me. Being sick is just not something I have time for. But today... I knew I had to stop being stubborn and go to the doctor. Of course, at the last minute, all the offices were booked. I decided to go to the walk-in clinic on Wedington. I guess I was sicker than I thought. I knew I was bad off- vomiting, congestion, wet, wheezy lungs, and a killer ear ache. But hey... I work with kids all day. I am used to picking up "bugs" here and there. I was actually very sick at the dog party, but hated for anyone to know.

They pricked my finger, ran my blood and found my white count low. They gave me a "sinus cocktail." No kidding. Has anyone had this??? It is literally a cocktail of good drugs that they steam and make you breathe out of a tube. Pure heaven on some wheezy lungs, yall. Blissful. Then then promptly rolled me on my side, gave me a huge shot in the hip, and told me I had a serious case of acute bronchitis. I should have figured as much. I have had bronchitis more times than I count over my lifetime. I have had it at the LEAST 5 times in the 6 1/2 years we have been married. David joked that I had bronchitis last night and I told him to get lost. Go figure. That is what I get for being sassy. : )

I have asthma, and I guess it is really a side effect of having a weak upper respiratory system. They basically put me back on albuteral inhalers for the rest of my living years. Anyway.... the kicker is that when I went to pay, I about hit the ugly, green polyester carpet. $245.00!! And that is just for the office visit, kids!! That is not even my prescription filled. What could I do! I paid it cash, right out of my debit card. David despises putting stuff on the credit card, so I did what I thought he would want. He told me I did the right thing later, but seriously, what do people do that don't have the money?? I thought to myself, when leaving, if David and I weren't insane budgeters with every penny we bring in, we would never have the luxury of a walk-out clinic. I guess a lot of people are on welfare, and I understand that, but for that moment I was so frustrated that here I am, educated, and sick, and have to go back to work to pay my bills, while some people don't, and get free medical care. I know, I know... People who are on welfare really do the need the hep. But I watched everyone else in line by pass the cash machine, and when it was my turn, I had to pay up. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair. I am trying to be big about it, but if you want real honesty from me, it was hard to swallow.

Oh well..... Say a prayer for me. I plan on going in tomorrow. I can't stand not working almost as much as I can't stand being sick. I need a good day of beneficial learning in my room. I need to feel better. Fast. I have Parent Teacher conferences on Thursday!

So for all you budgeters, keep budgeting! When you can't get in somewhere decent and they don't take insurance, you will be glad you saved.
This verse I had hidden in my heart, and it spoke loudly to me tonight:
"For we are under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure.... But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves, but on God." 2 Corinthians 1: 8-9

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me enough to provide for all my needs- financially, bodily, and spiritually. Thank you for a husband who handles our finances with wisdom and maturity. Thank you for teaching me something new today- to count on you, and know that all I have belongs to you anyway. I need you tonight, Jesus, and I know you are always there to catch me.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Dog-Gone Good Day!!

David and I took our dog, Bichon, a Bichon Frise, to a dog party on Saturday. Bichon's two dog friends, Grover and Rocket, celebrated their birthday parties together, and invited all their little puppy pals! They had a dog cake made with meatloaf and whipped mashed potato frosting, goodie treat bags for all of their friends, and lots of doggie games in the backyard. There were seven dogs total who came, and they all had such a fun time. Each dog got to wear a birthday party bandana around their neck, and the dog cake was served on Scooby Doo plates. It was a riot! The couple who hosted the party, Craig and Carmen, also have a little girl named Lauren, who is two and a half. She thought it was her birthday, and had as much fun as the dogs!

Our family- David, Bichon, and me!

Our gift to the two birthday boys! I made the card, and it was just perfect for the party's occasion! The dogs peed on everything from the slide to the fence- just like they were fire hydrants!

The goodie-bags!

The Birthday poster!

David and Lauren playing on the teeter-totter.

My sweet girl, Bichon.

The cake! (it smelled horrible, but the dogs sure liked it!!)

We spread all the dogs out throughout the backyard to eat their cake. Incredibly, no one fought! They were in hog heaven, let me tell ya!

This 10 week old boxer, Duke, was tuckered out!

Craig and Carmen, the hosts!