Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve with the McCash family

We spent Christmas Eve with David's family. We had a really good time and enjoyed seeing all of our nieces and nephews. David is the youngest of six, and so there is always a full crowd!

Our nieces- Amber, Madison, Chyann, and Jessica

Jessica got a Christmas puppy! She named him Foxy and Madison packed him around.

More nieces and nephews- Thomas, Chyann, Madison, and our great-niece, Danielle. It is so neat to me that I had Thomas as a student my first year of teaching.

One of David's brother's, Matt, and his mom Joann.

Joann with Adam and Trish's daughter, Danielle.

Our niece and nephew, Adam and Trish, and their daughter, Danielle.

David and I

Our niece and nephew, Adam and Trish, are expecting their 2nd baby this March. With a family as big as David's, someone is always expecting a new baby, so there is always a lot of excitement with the holidays! : )

David and his sister, Jonni, being silly! David wouldn't get out of her seat, so she sat on him! : ) He and his siblings are always playing pranks and jokes on each other!

My niece Keeley and I.

My nephew Joe and niece Chyann.

David's brother Matt and his fiancee, Joann.

David with the little girls. They sure do love their Uncle David!

Joann opening gifts with our niece Ashley, who is Matt's daughter.

Our niece, Ashley.

The four brothers got work gloves from their mother, Joann.

Our nephew, Zack.

Christmas Eve night, after we got back home, we took Bichon for a walk. It was a cold night, but we really try to walk her every night regardless of the weather.


  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. It seems so weird for you to say that you have a great niece!! I hope you have a nice Christmas break!

  2. Your house looks pretty at night.
    It must be fun to be apart of such a big family. Especially since you are an only child. I always wanted to marry into a big family - and then I married an only child. ha!
    P.S. Dawson wants to come live with ya'll so you will take him for walks. WE are not good about that except in the warm weather.

  3. Sounds like you have a large, fabulous family! We were crowded as well with 12 here for Christmas Eve and 10 Christmas day. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. I love big family Christmases! But I'm an only child, my husband is one of two siblings, so we just watch tv shows with big families. :)

    We leave to go see my family tomorrow. Looking at your pictures makes me look forward to the trip even more!

  5. I wish we could take walks every night, but the kids just can't be out in the cold! So, I will just have to keep walking on the treadmill. :(
    Merry Christmas!

  6. I am going to have to cancel yet again. Jordan has developed a pretty nasty ear infection, involving her ears draining and bleeding---so needless to say she is not feeling well and is not letting me out of her sight for anything! And I do mean ANYTHING! I'm sorry, I was so looking forward to chill-axing at your house and looking at all your groovy new crafts---but when she's better---I'm makin' a mad dash over!!

  7. Wow! What a fun, big family you have!! Every Christmas ours gets bigger and bigger. Hope you had a great Christmas :)

  8. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I know David will put those new work gloves to use with all the amazing things you guys do!

  9. I'm so glad you all had a great Christmas! Friday night sounds wonderful... I'll call you.

  10. how great to get a puppy for Christmas! She's one lucky girl. :)