Monday, October 14, 2013

October Musings

Soccer for this season has wrapped up and finished.
We celebrated with a team party at a local ice cream shop.
Harbor already misses it.
We're considering gymnastics for the winter months- indoors and a place to run off energy.
Does anyone have a little boy that has tried gymnastics?
Will he be the only boy in a room of girls? Did he like it?

Henry loves reading my Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
In fact, if he reads it first, he completely devours it.

And, poor kid, has lately been falling asleep about anywhere.

These pictures are old as he is in fact just about nine months, but it seems every month when I take them, I turn around and another month has passed. 
 I just can't seem to post them fast enough.
At about nine months he:
-is still nursing full time
-loves sweet potatoes and carrots the best
-is cruising the furniture
-has five teeth
-and loves to laugh and smile.
He is one of my greatest blessings.
And I totally don't deserve him.

I've been cooking up lots of good treats and dinners.
 We had chicken in honey sauce this past week.
{the recipe is above in my recipe tab section}

And decided the next night to go vegetarian and just have huge salads.

I baked a few batches of three ingredient pumpkin muffins for a church bake sale.
Maybe four ingredient?
I dusted the tops with powdered sugar and it definitely counts!
And taco salad is so much fun when topped with freshly grated cheese at home!
I also bit the bullet and made fresh yeast rolls from scratch.
I wasn't sure at this elevation if the dough would rise properly.
But, I'm glad I tried it because they turned out perfect.
We've been eating them with butter and honey all week.
Do you have a "go-to" dinner roll recipe?
I should share this one!
Foolproof, yall!

My little ones are sure keeping me busy, but these days are truly the golden years.

We decorated sugar cookies for Fall as a family.

They turned out really cute!
It seems that when I plan "big" events, the kids don't notice much,
but they really almost enjoy nights like these the best.

Slowly, but surely, not to finish them all before Fall is over, we are checking off our list!

How are you all doing?
: )
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  1. you are just too cute!!
    My daughter takes gymnastics and there is a boy class with about 7 boys. they seem to love it. I asked my son if he wanted to take it next session and he is interested (he is 4). at our place they are grouped separately from the girls.

  2. My oldest son took a gymnastics/dance class for boys for several years before we moved. It was a combo mostly of tumbling/tap/jazz dancing. Maybe see if one of the studios near you has this? He loved it and I wish a studio near us had something like it for all three of them especially during the winter when its hard to get out all the boy energy out in the elements. Kemper

  3. Love gymnastics for boys! My son started at age 3 and ended up competing for 4 years. It's been an amazing confidence builder for him, and he showed him how hard work and sticking with something can really produce awesome results.