Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Colorado Mining Town

A few weekends ago,
we took an impromptu day trip about an hour away to drive through a few old Colorado mining towns. 
David had read about them and was intrigued.
We love a good history lesson and the scenery was fantastic.
We stopped at a real working gold mine for a diaper change
 and the big boys enjoyed these big equipment tires.

 We drove through miles and miles of open range.
Cattle meandered across roads and fields, uninhibited by cattle guards or fencing.
I was fully expecting Kevin Costner to ride out on his steed.
Ya know, open range, and all.
: )

We happened across several dilapidated mining towns,
their old mining towers rusted over and hardly standing. 

It was a bit chilly and we ended up having to buy
Harbor the gray sweatshirt he is wearing at a little boutique type gift shop.

With the Rocky Mountains peeking over hillsides at every turn, and the trees just starting to yellow,
it was just a gorgeous afternoon to be out driving.

My very favorite tree- ever- is the aspen.
So, whenever we happen upon an alpine aspen grove,
I promptly jump out of the Jeep for pictures.
You all have a favorite tree, right?
: )

We took a 30 mile dirt road that wound up into several mountain canyons.
It was a very isolated and beautiful area.

Colorado is truly, truly, God's country.
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  1. Beautiful photos. Looks like you all had a fun (and gorgeous) road trip.