Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Shelves {and a new chandelier!}

I really lucked out with my Thanksgiving shelves- I only had to buy two things.
1. a bag of candy corn
2. the barn painting for $3.50 that I painted in my last post.

I had everything else in our basement warehouse.
{Speaking of which, I really need to blog about. David built several floor to ceiling aisles that are actually long enough to walk down for all of my holiday decor!}

I printed letters for my banner off of Word Processing.

And used a few mason jars from my collection. I think I own somewhere around 50
{My family cans a lot of soup, so I have plenty of my own for when we get together to cook. They come in handy!}

And here are my Thanksgiving 2011 Ikea Shelves.
Harbor enjoyed helping more this time, even though it took me twice as long. : )

I changed out my hydrangea arrangement for something more "Fall" like and used my pumpkin to hold coasters.

Doesn't my "new" painting look great repainted! So happy to have found it thrifting! 

We have a bag of fake apples in a great deep color that work so well for these type projects.

For anyone who has been following my blog since we custom built our last home, these dining room drapes are actually from Harbor's baby nursery {you can see them here and here}. Recognize them?  : )

And we also put out our Thanksgiving flag.
In a neighborhood of close houses, David always knows just where to turn home! : )

And in case you missed it, I finally, FINALLY, decided on a new chandelier for the dining room. We have been looking for months. I finally found this one and it was the right price with the right look- somewhat Restoration Hardware without the big price tag, but old world, yet fun enough to hang beside chevron. : )

I'm thankful that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas.
It gives us a chance to be thankful and reflect, which is a good thing to do before Christmas!

And for fun, here is Halloween and Thanksgiving, side by side.

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Super fun shelves! Love the barn painting re-do!

  2. Oh my goodness, I just love your new header on your blog. Captures the skyline of your big city. I just love your new chandelier, the glass on it looks hand blown like the lights in the bathroom when David redid the bathroom & found those globes for the light fixture. It looks like it came with the time period of the house. And that mason jar that has turkey toes on it is so cute.I love candy corn also,cute way to diplay some yummy yellow/orange fall candy. And your white fram just makes that painting just pop with such bright fall colors. You have a good eye for spotting stuff that you can use to decorate with. And I think its just great that you can reuse items that you already have in other areas of your house. Being thrift is a great thing too help make your income go alittle farther. Give Harbor William a kiss & hug from Poppy & Gigi, I can't hardly belive he will turn 3 years old this coming Sunday(Nov.13) & we won't be together.Time is just marching on.Miss & love you all, MOM

  3. it looks great, love it all! the farm picture was a great find!! love how it turned out!!!

  4. I love your shelves! So cute and fun! I love the vibrant colors!

  5. I love how you changed it up! That turned out so cute! I wish I had an eye for decorating.

    Though your Turkey Toes wouldn't last long at my house, mostly because I would eat them. :)

  6. I LOVE!! Those shelves really are perfect! I love that you can hang banners from them. So fun! Can't wait to see your Christmas shelves!

  7. super cute. I tried to respond the other day to your request to post my blog on your side bar. That is fine with me not for sure if anyone would be interested in reading it. Lets just say I am not the best at this whole blog thing. I really just do it to have a record incase my kids ever want to look back.