Thursday, December 15, 2016

Harbor's 8th Birthday

We recently celebrated our oldest son's 8th birthday with a trip to Silver Dollar City.

It was a real treat to spend some one-on-one time with him, away from the normal hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.  I think there is something so vital in slipping away with your children, just Mom and Dad, and spending a whole day, devoting yourself fully to doing all they hope.

I know it sounds pretty indulgent, but in my world, I have to interrupt important school stories to break up tattling from siblings, skip extra bedtime books at night to console a fussy toddler, and often times don't get to hear all about that special friendship developing in class due to a spelling list that needs badly studying.

It was a day just for our oldest- he talked about everything in his world, and we listened, leaning in to catch every detail, while munching on spiraled potatoes on sticks in true "fair" fun fashion.

He rode his first roller coaster {with his dad,} putting on his bravest face, and later whispered in my ear that he didn't want to ride that particular one again- maybe ever. He held our hands through heavy tourists and smiled for every picture I requested. He laughed without care and threw his head back, eyes clenched tight without a pause for who might overhear his giggles.

He was free.
Somehow as adults, we sometimes lose that wild abandon.
But in children, it is my very favorite thing.

Happy birthday, Harbor.
If you're reading this someday as an adult, 
know that in my heart, the sun will always rise just for you.

We love you,
Dad and Mom

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