Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So long, Summer!

This has been the fastest summer ever. Hands down.
I spent June moving cross country.
I spent July in Arkansas with my family.
And I've spent August unpacking, painting, hanging drapes, and organizing.
Oh, and also chasing two children.
Yes, the count is up to two. 
Little Henry is mobile!!!
{cue Mexican samba music!}
Oh, the adventures!
Where is Henry? Can you find Henry? Has anyone seen Henry?
Good thing little kids find empty boxes fascinating.
Our house has been full of them as we try to make a new house a home, once again.
I love it, to be honest.
I love moving.
There! I said it!
: )
I love all parts of moving- apart from leaving behind good friends.
Scratch that. Great friends!
We miss our Michigan church, but thank the Lord,
we think we have {finally!} found a new church home.
And it has Mops!
When we're not painting stripes or chevron or hanging drapes, you can find us in the mountains.
{Swoon! Faint! Hand over heart!}
The Rockies are so glorious!
We have hiked many trails, but really enjoyed the hike in Monarch a few weekends ago.
We climbed a portion of the Continental Divide Trail.
It was really difficult.
Had we known, we would have chosen an easier trek, especially with the littles, but we made it. There were a few harrowing moments.
{steep cliffs, drop offs, sliding gravel}
And they made Mommy almost hyperventilate
{which isn't hard to do at 10,000 ft.}
but the view from the top was just stunning.
I made the decision to hike with my full sized tripod, and big camera, of course.
You know, for the coveted mandatory group shots.
In addition to those items, I was in charge of huffing the food pack up.
For an aspen alpine mountain picnic.
It was Martha Stewart picture perfect.
{minus the smashed bread loaf}
I'll let the pictures do the talking.
: )


Little Henry is getting so big. Maybe I should refer to him as "Big" Henry instead.
He is just a sweet butter-ball.
Having one child ahead of him, I am really treasuring these baby days.
We all know how fast they pass, right?
Pass the Kleenex, whydon'tcha!

At seven months old, we are still nursing full time, but are eating cereal and baby foods, also.
So far, sweet potatoes are his favorite.
Green beans get the thumbs down. Green beans make Big Henry cry.

I'm staying busy meal planning. Cooking is a job, when I taught, I dreaded, to be honest.
It almost felt like another job on top of an already worn-out mama/teacher/wife/mama.
Did I already say, "mama"?
: )

{Recipe for pepperoni pasta here}
Blessed to be home full time for going on three years now, I can say the Lord has given me a new heart. Cooking is such a simple way to serve your family. Dinner at the table is the best part of my day. Whether you work at home or work out, take heart! Be inspired! Be intentional with your time.
Let your at-home meals be the best of your day, too.
Dessert at the end of the day helps.
I find it cures many ailments.
: )
{Recipe for homemade cobbler here}
I chopped apples and whipped up an easy apple cobbler.


This was taken last Sunday before church.
Harbor used to wear this little jon-jon.
There is nothing sweeter to me than seeing your favorite clothing on your second child.
I'm a bit obsessed, actually, with attempting to replicate pictures of the boys in
the same outfits.
What will I do with a picture of each child in the same outfit?
Who knows.
But you can bet I'll be taking them.
: )

And in case you forgot who wrote this blog, here I am.
With my big Henry.
Wishing my first born would scoot into the picture.

But, he won't. He is too busy being four years old.
: )


But, I'm a smart mama.
 I know I can take pictures of him in exchange for permission to use the "Big" dangerous and sharp mama sized scissors.
Doing sight word flashcards is exciting and dangerous at our house.
: )

Hope everyone reading is well!
How is your summer wrapping up?
: )
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  1. Loved reading your update! Glad you are enjoying your new home.

  2. You have been so busy for going on months now, so glad the house is unpacked so life will fall into routine,I know that helps to make a house a home. I so loved all the photos of your hike, Dad & I would love to do that someday just to see it for ourselves & of course get our own photos too, ha......Little Henry isn't so little anymore & all his mile stones we are missing but so thankful you all are loving living there & have found great church so I will have to just visit more so Henry & Harbor will know Gigi & Poppy. Love you guys, Mom

  3. What beautiful pictures!!! I can't believe how big Henry is already!! that's crazy to me. Anyway, so glad you guys are settling in and you love it.

  4. My boys are 26 months apart. I have many photos of them in the same outfits, but one at 4 months and one at their first birthdays, taken in the same outfit, in the same pose I love. It truly shows their unique personalities! They have in our stairway now. I cherish and miss those baby days! They are 10 and 12 now, makes my mama heart sad!!

  5. there you are!! ;) so happy to have found you again!! and so many changes!! :))) looking forward to following your new journey in CO! so so fun!