Friday, July 22, 2011

Laurel Wreath Tutorial

Based on the recent voting on my newest poll, I thought you might enjoy a tutorial over the latest wreath I've created.

Laurel wreaths are typically associated with Greek mythology {Apollo wore one as a symbol to represent the winners of athletic competitions}. Made from the laurel branch, they were circular shaped and worn on the head. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Resting on one's laurels?" It refers to do something good and hanging it on your "branches."

Well, we certainly can't afford to buy laurel to create a big full wreath, and, unless it is fake, it won't last long. Using plastic spoons to create wreaths isn't a new idea, but in case you have never seen one made, I'll show you how I made mine.  : )

You will need: plastic spoons, hot glue, and either ribbon or Paper Twirl {which is what I used.} I used all but four spoons out of this brand new box.

First, start by gluing one spoon on top of another. Place a bead of glue right on the neck and another at the very, very end on the handle. Press the second spoon on top. Make sure that as you add spoons, you keep your beads of glue in those same places with little variation to placement.

At this point, you will notice your wreath will start to turn and create the circle shape itself. It's like magic!  : )

This is what the Paper Twirl product looks like when you first open it. I won't lie- it is a pain to unwrap and it took me longer to unwrap it than to create the wreath, but I love the look of Paper Twirl. Maybe you have seen it, but have been unsure of what it is or how to use it.

Now, I know many of you feel like you are "bow challenged," meaning you don't feel like making big bows are your "thing." If you want to try this product, just make sure you buy a package with the directions on the back. It really isn't hard and has such a different look than, say, ribbon.

Here is one of my decorating secrets revealed... when I hang things from doors {including my coffee filter wreaths,} I just use painter's tape. No fuss, no damage to the doors, and no nail holes. So there you have it!

And here she is! Isn't she pretty? I know, I know.. it is plastic spoons, but I love the whimsical look of this wreath! And honestly, doesn't it trick the eye into being so much more?

I chose to hang mine on the door just past our foyer that leads into the butler's pantry. In the 1920's, this door was kept closed to avert guests from seeing what the cook was doing. Sadly, we like to leave ours open. You know what I'm doing in the kitchen... making grilled cheeses!  : )

And there you have it! This project took me about 40 minutes from plugging in the glue gun to hanging it. You know what I think would be so fun {and super cute!}- to buy colored spoons in the theme of say a birthday party and make a few colored wreaths to decorate a kid's table!  : )

I know my tutorials can get lost all over the place.. would you like a tutorial tab at the top to keep track of all these projects? Let me know!  : ) Have a great weekend! We have more company coming!

{And for "Anonymous Ashley", our white bedding is from T.J. Maxx. Thanks for asking!}


  1. this is great thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, please post all tutorials for those of us without any talents. Had I know what a great decorator you are, I would have hired you before you left the country!!

  3. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I think Harbor would be great for either one of my girls!

  4. I don't think I have ever seen this wreath made out of spoon's, super cute & if you didn't know it you wouldn't belive it. But yes, the possibility could be endless for the holidays. I really think some craft publication would print your ideas in a book. I'm just saying this could be the road to getting rich,ha!!!Or at least putting all your ideas in paper back form. Give Harbor a kiss from Gigi & Poppy, we miss him house is clean & too quiet.

  5. I just pinned this!! So cute and easy!

  6. Jessica,
    I would LOVE a tab of your crafty things. That is a GREAT idea!!!

    This is SO cute and thank you SO much for answering my floral question. I plan on maybe getting a few things this weekend. I know Fall is a little bit away, but man am I ready for a little cool. So when I get something made, I'll let you know, so you can tell me if I need something else.

    Thanks so much friend ~~ Dawn

  7. Are you kidding me with this?!?! This is great! Only you can take a box of plastic spoons and turn them into that beautiful wreath! I'm linking to it in my Saturday Stumbles this week!

  8. Love this craft idea!! I may have to use it for a birthday party

  9. This is great craft idea!! Can't wait to try it out on a party or around the house.

  10. You are sooooooo uber talented!!! That wreath so cute cute cute! I love how your house is coming together! I still think I might copy your frame idea up my staircase. I have a huge empty wall! LOVE!

  11. Totally Making this in celebration of the Winter Olympics!