Thursday, October 10, 2013

Potato Sausage Supper: A Recipe

Do you ever get tired of chicken breasts and ground beef?
We do!
We happen to love kielbasa sausage and when I came across this recipe,
it quickly became a favorite!
Hearty potatoes, onions, and peas tossed in a cheesy sauce with a hint of celery.
Add to that the robust flavor of sausage and this is a meal that will make everyone happy {and full!}
Here is the actual recipe:

Give your onions a chop. We keep them in rings.
Dice your potatoes and slice your sausage.

This is important!
Spray your crock-pot with a non stick before going any further.

Layer your potatoes, onions, and sausage and dollop the top with your cheese soup.

Cover with your cream of celery.

Cook on high about five hours.
30 minutes before dinner, toss your frozen peas on top and cover.
{Don't use canned peas!}

It is hearty and thick and will stick to your ribs.
Which is the perfect meal for Fall weather, right?
: )

We love it!
Three cheers for not eating chicken or beef every night of the week!
Hip hip hooray!
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  1. Super yum! All my boys loved it! Thanks, Kemper