Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In the Kitchen / At the Gym

After I typed the tile to this post,
I realized it sounded very much like a cause and effect relationship:
Because I'm in the kitchen, I need to visit the gym.
Though that is most likey very true,
I really mean for the title to remind me someday of the places I seem to frequent the most.
I'm busy cooking for my family of four- and Harbor has finished two weeks of gymnastics!
Henry still seems to snooze anywhere, anytime.
In the beginning, I found myself rushing to move him to his crib.
Now, I follow the advice of grandmas everywhere.
Never wake a sleeping baby!
: )
I've been experimenting with a few new recipes these last two weeks.
One was a sweet chicken teriyaki.
 While it was really tasty, I don't feel like it is perfect, so I'll hold off on sharing the recipe for now.
Any chicken teriyaki fans out there?

I served it with our favorite Oriental Salad
{listed under the Recipe Tab at the top}

Harbor just cannot wait without a little taste.
He is a kid who loves loves cabbage!

I'll perfect it and share soon!
: )

I've made several batches of these little omelet muffins.
Really yummy for breakfast or a snack!

And they freeze and defrost well, also.

These two little boys.
I just love 'em.
I can't fathom a girl, what it would be like to parent a daughter.
My life is all about bugs, castles, dragons, and Lego cities.

And here is a funny for you!
We took our Christmas card pictures a few weekends back.
I tied balloons to the tripod to give the kids some direction and a place to look.
We have taken all of our pictures the last 2 1/2 years due to living 1,000 miles from home
and not having family to help.

It was a crazy windy day.

Beautiful family, aren't we?
 many turned out beautifully and I have already printed them and started my Christmas cards!

Harbor currently is working on balance beam.
I love that his classes are not just jumping around type classes,
though, there isn't anything wrong with that.
Harbor has just really enjoyed focusing on a few skill sets and growing in confidence.

And lastly!
We are almost all checked off!

I wasn't sure how my family would like the "Fall Checklist"
but Harbor recently gave me some ideas for a "Winter" checklist.
I'm glad he is enjoying it!
Being intentional is easy if you have a list to force you out and about!
So, tell, me...
How are you doing?
: )
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  1. I always love the posts on your making of your Christmas Cards. Cant wait!

  2. Loved all the photos & your food does look so yummy. I need you too made me some of those muffins I don't think I have had those. Harbor & Henry are growing up so fast, Poppy & Gigi miss & love them so much :)

  3. You always encourage me with your blog posts and all the fun things you are your family are doing! I am so looking forward to being able to do some of these same exciting things when our little one is here! March can not come soon enough! Your blog is a joy to read girl!

  4. Oh goodness, I love those balloon pictures!! Can't wait to see the "real" one :) It's funny how God knows just what we need. You can't imagine your life without your boys, and I can't imagine mine without my girls! Though I do often dream of having a baby boy :)

  5. I love the checklist idea. As a parent of older kids, I would like to incorporate something like this with them that would bring us more family time. Thanks for the idea! :)

  6. Those muffins looks delish. I am going to check out the recipe. Love the balloons. That is too funny!! I am looking forward to your winter checklist. We may have to start 2014 off with one of those. Hope you have a great weekend!!