Friday, October 4, 2013

Home Tour: Dining Room & Kitchen {Q & A}

These last few days have kept us on the go!
Yesterday, the kids and I had an afternoon of Mops {Mothers of Preschoolers}, home school/preschool, our regular chores, dinner, soccer practice, and then David took Harbor on a five mile bike ride.
Whew!  Sometimes I can't keep up!
It is fun though, and great to be busy.
As mamas, we all have such an important purpose in the home.
We are the heart.
: )
Thank you for the questions and comments on my blog and on FB these last few days.
Let me try to answer a few things for you:
1. Yes, we are still using {and loving!} our homemade laundry detergent.
Some of you may recall the first batch we cooked in Detroit over two years ago {here}.
Perhaps I need to visit that subject again. It is really great stuff!
2. I will most definitely do a post about meal planning, shopping, and making good meals happen.
It is a challenge- even for me- and sometimes I want to cave and eat at Chick-fil-a instead of cook.
3. To answer the question about Harbor's scripture booklet we work on as part of our "preschool" at home, it is an Awana book.  Awana is a fantastic program and I can't say enough about it!  Harbor started at three years old- and it runs through middle school.  It is a Christian program you can attend one night a week through church. You do not have to be a member of the church- it is just where they meet. Lots of people attend Awana at a church they are not affiliated with.  It is a two hour class every week where kids learn to hide God's word in their heart. It really forces parents to know their scripture because it is taught at home all week. The kids are then quizzed on Wednesday night. They have vests and receive patches {awards} for the completion of their verses. And the best part? The entire year for the program, book, and vest costs only about $35.  Google Awana and your city and find one close to you!
Home tour.
This is our dining room and kitchen combination.
We chose an eat in kitchen instead of a true dining room in order to get those two living spaces, the formal and great room, as a part of the plan.
We love the layout, though.
David painted the dining room, but other than that, we hung art, drapes,
unpacked the kitchen, and called it done.

We also have a pantry off the dining room.
And a powder room, as well.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Hi Jessica! I am loving your new house :) Do you have a Cricut that you use for making all of your banners and cards? I am interested in getting one, but can't decide between that and a Silhouette.