Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brown paper packages tied up with strings....

These are a few of my favorite things!!

A frame I painted and distressed for baby boy McCash.

A fun, funky tassel I found at Tuesday Mornings! It is huge and I LOVE it!!

Hobby Lobby recently had their canvases on sale and I bought two of the biggest ones to do some personalized artwork on! I can't wait to get started!

Tonight, Robin, a dear friend of mine, had a bachelorette party at Noodles. It was fun getting the old "gang" together to catch up and visit! Robin's wedding is Saturday, so expect more pictures of that soon. After the wedding, her and her husband, who is a musician, are moving to L.A. They are such a fun couple!

Robin's cake was yummy!

Grace, Suzette, and Rachel

Miranda and me-
(me looking hot and bloated from this HOT summer weather!!)

Robin holding a scrapbook page I made for her wedding album.

Suzette, Robin's younger sister, making Robin look glamorous! : )

Suzette's older sister, Heather.

Saturday morning, I have another wedding shower to attend for another friend, and then Robin's wedding at 4:00. Whew! This is the summer of weddings and babies!

The following are a sneak peak of the nursery progress. My goal was to have the nursery finished in September, which would give me three months of relaxation before baby McCash comes. I think we are going to reach our goal, which I am pumped about. I HATE waiting to the last minute to do stuff. I am excited about getting it done. Today, I actually found my drapery fabric at Hancocks in Fayetteville. It is an olive crushed velvet and was on sale for $7.00 a yard! Woot! That is pretty much free if you know anything about how much upholstery material costs. My granny is sewing them for me this weekend. They will be floor to ceiling and puddle a bit. They will great with the bedding.

Now, let me warn you- this paint is not finished. I think David panicked a bit when I told him I was doing a post tonight of his progress. For those of you who know David, you know he is just as OCD as I am when it comes to projects being PERFECT. In fact, he may be a bit worse than me. David won't even let me touch a paintbrush. I can paint canvas all day, but if it involves the house, he totally takes over. See this link HERE to see his masterpiece in the dining room. I was totally planning on painting the dining room when we built last year, but he took over my project and never gave it back!

So.. David wants me to tell you that he is not finished. The stripes need a bit more work, and none of the outlet covers or chandelier and fan covers are screwed back on. That being stated, here in the progress...

When we had our house built a year ago, we had the painters paint all of the ceilings at 50% of the wall color. The yellow here is Sherwin Williams Anjou Pear, and it is in our guest bedroom and master. The ceiling is just a lighter, creamier version.

David started by painting the ceiling our trim color, Sherwin Willimas Vanallin.

Almost all of the walls will be this olive color called Caraway Shield. It is not sage or lime, but more of a true deep olive color.

David doesn't paint with tape or drop cloth, so it makes me nervous to watch. He does use tape, however, when he needs straight lines for a design of some kind.

David measuring for the chocolate stripes to run the ceiling from the window wall, which is the crib wall. I plan on putting the crib on that wall and having the drapes gather and frame it out.

Running tape to get straight lines- the window wall will be painted the same chocolate as the stripes in order to make the bedding pop. : )

I LOVE it! Pictures don't do it justice, folks. It is really stunning in person.

The chocolate on the wall will dry as dark as the stripes, but when I took these pictures, it was still really wet.

David said he will paint more tomorrow night, so I can't wait to see how it looks when he totally finishes everything! Bless that man's heart- I went out for a girls' night and he painted until 10:30 p.m. He has to be at work at 6:30 tomorrow morning to catch the night shift crew at the plant to go over their work and have them run some projects he needs. He is enjoying being an engineer there, but it is a lot of hours and responsibility to oversee, so I truly do appreciate the time he is giving my "honey-do" lists. : ) Thanks, honey!

I am really outta my mind... between nursery decor, wedding showers, and getting my classroom ready for open house on the 12th, I have also been making my Christmas cards. With a four-week old at Christmas, I can't imagine having the time to realistically handmake my annual 165 Christmas cards. But! We have been been married for seven years and I make them every year, no exceptions. So, the last two weeks, I have been making 10 a night,and they are about finished. I only lack about 20. It feels sooo nice to have that finished. All I have to do is slap on a family photo and add the newsletter. Baby McCash's name is already on each one, so I feel good about using them as a birth announcement combo also.

Well.... we have been busy around here, but are doing well. I think I will reveal the baby's name in the couple of weeks after I get some artwork painted. Until then, my job as a teacher is about to take over. David and I met for lunch at Subway today, and two boys came in after us. I gasped when I saw how big they were. They were from the first batch of kids I ever taught. My first group are going into the 8th grade and are so tall. I'm pumped about getting back into the classroom where I know God has called me.

Come visit us again soon!


  1. Wow! The room looks great! Looks like we'll be able to decorate a nursery in our new house, as I'm pregnant!!!! It's still really early, but we did IVF in July and found out it took. I'm so over the moon! Our daughter is 8 years old already, so it's about time! Your pics of your house always give me great decorating ideas.

  2. Holy cow girl! You and your hubby are on top of things! Way to go!!!

    I love the paint in the nursery! Your baby room is going to be so better call up Citiscapes and have them do a special layout for it! It sounds like it's going to be amazing!!!!

  3. I just love how the baby McCash's room is coming together. Everything looks so great. And yes, you have been so very busy, but getting alot done. Good luck on your 4th year teaching, the years are passing so fast. Love you...Mom

  4. Jessica,

    Looking forward to seeing you Saturday. The nursery is looking great! Makes me want to go home and paint Sophia's room! Maybe you can give me some pointers when you're at the house next time. Congratulations again. And, best of luck with your school year. Toby just started back with in-service yesterday!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I have always wanted stripes on the ceiling and J thinks that I am crazy. We went to an open house that had black and white ones and I loved them. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  6. I love the stripes! I can't wait to see everything together. I kept reading and reading hoping you would reveal the name, but I guess I will just have to wait!

  7. That is going to be so neat! I can't wait to see it all together. Ya'll are so on top of things - I can't believe you already have Christmas Cards done!
    Do you think you will decorate big for Christmas this year? I'm afraid this is going to be a sad year for us because I obviously can't be climbing up in the attic and climbing ladders to hang wreaths and decorate trees when I'm 8 months pregnant. And Scott won't want to do it. Plus I don't want to have to put all that up with a new baby. So I may just do one little tree and a wreath on the door to have a little holiday spirit. Next year I can go all out!

  8. You are way ahead of me in the nursery department...I love your colors though. I was trying to fit them in with our safari theme....LOL! I know how you feel about the Christmas cards, our babies will be the same age at Christmas! So I decided to start mine early too. I still have gift for baby, it matches the one I got for OUR baby! I will get it sent hopefully before too long. I'm sending you a Christmas card, too. We're suffering summer pregnancy at the same rate!

  9. You absolutely impress me :)! I think the nursery is going to look fantastic! I can't wait to see pics of the finished are always SO CREATIVE!

    Good luck with everything coming up!

  10. The nursery looks great! I can't wait to see the rest of it.

  11. Gorgeous! You are so lucky to have such a handy husband. Justin is so smart and capable in tons of areas, but around the house is not one of them-ha! The nursery is going to be amazing. Great deal on the fabric.;)

  12. I think the paint looks great! I can't wait to see the finished project! Yall are sooooooooooooooo on TOP of things!!!! Most people can't say that!!! =)

    We painted our bedroom at the lake house last weekend...we are going to start off with one neutral color throughout the house and then go from there!!! We couldn't wait to see what it was going to look like! I was pleased with the color and so was Shad! =)

    I'm ready to get back in there and paint more! Before we pained we did all new texture on the was fun getting to see one room as a finished project! I didn't take any pictures...I forgot my camera! =(

    Can I just say that is a LOT of Christmas cards! Wow-Wee!!!!

    You are one busy lady I will tell ya that!


  13. Jessica-That room is going to be fabulous! You are so lucky to have such a gifted and willing husband to do all that painting! I am working on my Education degree and should graduate next Fall...are you planning on still teaching after the baby is born? I bet you are a great teacher, full of fun and artsy ideas! You need to post pictures of your classroom and I will definitely be asking for advice when I get there!

  14. That is the cutest room... I actually bought some paint to paint stripes in Emma Kates room before she was born... Aaannd she's 7 months now. Gosh, I really need to get that done. You are so fortunate to have such a handy husband!

  15. You are awesome- The baby's room looks fablous.

  16. I LOVE the room!!! I think we all knew before you were even pregnant that you would have the cutest nursery ever for your sweet little one. :) I so have baby fever and all this excitement is not helping! :) I can't wait to hear the name. :)

  17. Hey! Had fun last night at Robin's Bachelorette party.. Glad we both got to go! Nursery is looking good.. David is such a hard worker ;-) Love the colors!

  18. I love your nursery! I can't wait to see it complete! I would kill to have your great taste! And...the revealing of the name...that is always fun, too!

  19. I LOVE the paint in the nursery!! You guys are really on top of everything. We have black and white stripes on Tayson's wall behind his crib and I love them!! I can't wait to hear the name!

  20. What a fun bachelorette party! The nursery paint looks so cute!

  21. Ohhh! I love the ceiling- that is sooo cool! Good job, David. :)

  22. Girl, YOU have been busy!! I am in love with the nursery ceiling. You and David could go into business as nursery designers. The colors are GREAT!!

    And Christmas cards?!?! Wowzers! I'm impressed :)

    Have you started school yet? I start Monday!

  23. Jessica, Your baby's room is going to be just as special as he will be! You are looking good! I know school is on your's that time where getting your room ready to go is numero uno!!

  24. Ohwow! Where did that idea even come from? SERIOUSLY! Where? I would never even THINK to paint a ceiling like that (let less have the nerve to try and accomplish the task!)

  25. Girl, you guys HAVE been super busy!!! Everything looks fantastic! Love love love the room progress. You are so organized getting your cards together this early--you'll be so glad you did when the holidays arrive and you're caught up and enjoying every second with that baby boy!

  26. Isn't it crazy when your first class gets big? My first class of kindergarteners begins middle school this year! It flys by! The nursery looks great! Can't wait to hear his name!

  27. Baby McCash will have the CUTEST room. Hey everyone... for those of you with babies and kiddos KOHLS is having a HUUUUUGE clearance on baby and kids stuff this weekend. I got my little one 2 dresses for next summer (nice churchy dresses) for 3 bucks each! Jess, I sent you an e-mail! Hugs and kisses to baby!

  28. Wow! The room looks great so far! I love the colors and am partial to stripes too. You are doing so well to have so much done! Can't wait to find out the name!

  29. Wow!,Geez! do we need to call up MTV cribs now or what? Amazing, how your mind is so creative, you guys should open up an interior design business. Please, don't work David to hard, he's beating me out that father of the year award!
    Mr Snowden

  30. My hubby always brag on you guys and how creative you are. He's 100% right. Baby McCash will be so proud, the room looks great!

  31. I'm so going to have to steal the pics from the bachelorette party off of your blog! I'm so glad you were able to attend! You are precious!!! I feel like I see you all the time because of blogging, but man, it has been a long time! When I get back into the blogging world, I'll have to post wedding pics!

    The nursery looks great! Way to go David!!!!

  32. Hey girl! The nursery looks fabulous. I've never thought about stripes on the ceiling. I can't wait to see it all put together. I love the colors and the frame. :)

    Take care getting ready for school! :)

  33. Girl...everything is looking GREAT! You are SO ahead of the game! I am VERY impressed that you are almost done with you Christmas cards! Ok now have you started your Christmas shopping yet??? My sister-in-law is due around the first of December and I will dash up to Louisville KY as soon as I get the phone call, so I plan on having ALL my shopping done early too! Fun times ahead! I am SO excited for you guys!


  34. The room looks great so far! I can't wait to see a finished product!
    I'm also dying to know what yall are naming Baby McCash!

  35. you ever stop! Everything is awesome. I always want to make my own cards, but we have to send about 175 every year & I just can't seem to find the time to do that many. I'm glad you had a great time at Robin's party. I hate that I didn't see you at the the wedding.

  36. Love all of the photos, the stripes in the babies room are too cute!
    I have a random question regarding when you and your grandmother canned soup. I would like to do the same, did you use a pressure cooker to seal the cans? Just curious.
    Cannot wait to see the finished babies room. You are so good regarding your Christmas cards. Makes me want to start working on mine. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a blessed week.
    In Christ,
    Kara - John 3:30

  37. This is amazing. He has really been working so hard!!! I cannot wait until I see the finished product! You are so creative and talented with your decorating skills!!!

  38. The room is stunning!! I remember coming to your house and peeking into the 'future McCash baby room'. I thought 'baby' was years away. Much has changed already! Im so excited to see all you and David are enjoying together. I don't have any idea how you two keep up with it all.