Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Closet

We have been home in Michigan for a few days now.
I still have several hundred photos to look through and blog for the last half of our trip before the details become too fuzzy,
but I thought I'd check in and let you know we're safe and sound up north.

Coming home from a long two week trip means lots of unpacking and closet reorganizing.

Today, I unloaded the last of our suitcases and put everything back in my closet.
Since I had my camera handy, I thought I'd show you how my closet is organized.

So, when you enter our bedroom, the closet is past the first window to the right.

Despite this house being 82 years old, the closet space is amazing.
Even the hallways and extra bedrooms have walk-ins.
{ignore my messy makeup table in the sitting room- I have yet to get everything put back in its place in there}

This house is half the size of the house we built in Arkansas, so the closet is actually smaller than what we are used to, but, I feel I've organized it really well. Having a smaller closet than what you are accustomed to means you carry around less baggage and only keep what you love.

I love the high ceilings, hardwood floors, and built ins for storage.
We have a little dressing stool and some hooks when you first come in.
{In Arkansas, this stool was in our master bath}

It is a convenient place to put shoes on.
: )

And this is what you see when you look straight in.
I keep my purses at the very top and my blouses on the these two hanging rods.
Keeping all the hangers the same color and style help to stream line a closet, I think.
Even if you just have a standard closet with a sliding door, it is a pretty simple way to keep it clean looking.

To the bottom left, I keep my winter sweaters in those clear pull drawers and use the top for boot storage.
To the bottom right, I keep a hamper full of more winter wear and them summer casual clothes on top.
My belts are hanging on the little half way beside the hamper.

I covered that little pink box in scrapbook paper when we first moved in- it holds more shoes.

If you turn to the right, there is another full section of shelving and rods.
On the very top, I keep all of the family swimsuits in that green floral bag- makes it easy to run out the door to swim! I also keep my pantyhose and church slips at the top in containers

On the next shelf, I keep my jeans folded and have a basket of long sleeved winter tops.
Hanging, I keep dress pants, skirts, and church dresses.
More shoe storage is hanging and there is a shoe rack underneath.

Beside the church dresses, I keep my necklaces hanging so I can easily match them to my wardrobe.

They are on bathroom type towel hooks and work really well to hold a lot.

{In this picture, if you look into the master bedroom, you can see the built in drawers in the sitting room-
David uses these for most of his clothes.}


Seasonal hamper and belts on the half wall

This is a built in cabinet in the closet- this house is full of them and they are very handy.

It is where David keeps his hanging shirts.
 He stores most of his clothes, though, in the built ins in the master sitting room.

The space is made somewhat like an "S" shape, so once you enter, you can turn to the right.

And while I was hanging up clothes and organizing from the trip,
 Harbor was having a little free time playing Little Einsteins.
: )

So, in case you ever wondered where I kept my clothes, there you have it.
What other boring space can I put you to sleep with? Haha!

Maybe you have a really well planned out closet? Have any tips to share with me?
: )


  1. Your closet is so organized, mine could really use some TLC!!! I do attempt it every so often but then over time it gets out of control again (like it may or may not be right now). I really need to get rid of everything I don't love also!

  2. Love it, Jessica! It's nice to have all your clothes in one place. It makes getting dressed in the morning much easier. Love your colorful and organzized space!

  3. I also use all the same colored hangers (white) and friends laugh. I also color coordinate them. I think I will borrow a couple ideas to reorganize our closet.

  4. Oh my word. That is a HUGE closet for the date of your home. Ours was built in closets like that! Also, wow, you have a TON of clothes and shoes! Fashionista! I so need you to teach me how to dress haha.

  5. I'm jealous of your closet. Ours are tiny and it makes it so hard to keep things organized and out of sight. :)

  6. That's impressive---and I'm jealous of the size! We also live in a 100 year old house---and I have to share a small closet with my husband (who wears suits everyday to work=all our closet space goes to him). Although I would love a bigger closet--I guess it keeps me from hoarding clothes:) And I love the green wall where Harbor was playing...did you do that?? And I didn't know there was a little einsteins game online...have to find my three year old is obsessed!

  7. I wish my closet was 1/2 as organized as yours. I've got to tackle cleaning it out soon! Love that Harbour plays lil' Einstiens while you work. =)