Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Mantle


I was so excited to hear from so many of you who live in Michigan, or just read my blog in general.

 I opened my email and had so many nice messages from other moms who live close to me.
The Lord is always growing my testimony in that way- that there are good, God-fearing people all over the nation. All I have to do is trust. : )
You never really understand it until you move away from everyone you know to appreciate that fact.
So, thank you, thank you for leaving a little message. Made my night.

So, this post is really random- Harbor William and I leave for Arkansas soon and will stay two full weeks on vacation. Because of that, I'm trying to clean off my camera chips and want to make sure I document what we have been up to.

A few days ago, Harbor helped me rearrange and get our "Spring" mantle together.

We added some toile paper and a cute birdhouse to a frame, the flowered plate, and the chalkboard.

The white star that was on the mantle mirror got moved upstairs.
Because, don't you know, that when one thing moves in your decor, it causes everything to shift.
Am I right? Ha!

So, go through the foyer, up the stairs...

Past the landing....

And into the upstairs bathroom.
Who knows how long that star will stay in there?
 Who knows if Daivd has even noticed it yet?
David is actually pretty observant to decor changes, in his defense. : )

For our lesson one day this week, we made our own counting book.

We just stapled white paper together and Harbor told me what to write.

After I had written out what he had requested,
he busily added the pictures to accompany each number.

On this page, he wanted "7 fruits"
A funny that I want to remember is that when I questioned
what he was drawing, he told me it was a cupcake.

I KNEW I always liked fruit! Ha! : )

{Highlight of the night was when Harbor read the book to Daddy when he came home from work}

After an hour or so, Harbor took a break to watch the birds out in the new landscaping.
Pictures coming after vacation! The yard looks so nice.

We then read a few more books and Harbor played alone while I did a few chores.

So, in my quest to document the "mundane," I thought I might enjoy looking back at our meals someday.

Maybe not. Who knows. Probably not.

If anything, you might get a few dinner ideas!

This week, I made Taco Soup. 

and beef and pea pod stir fry with sticky rice.
David requests this several times a month.

In case you are wondering if kids will like it,
Harbor's soy sauce mustache is always a good sign.

And just for me to remember what my little sweetheart was eating and asking for
this week, here is his by request lunch:

hot dog, olives, celery sticks, tomatoes with salt, and chick pea salad.

{This tray is an old lunch room tray from school -
it came from a flea market type store- best purchase ever!
I wish I would have bought the whole lot instead of just one.}

He also loves bananas in our banana split bowls, drizzled with chocolate.

As for me, I love a clean kitchen!
: )

Can't wait to blog from Arkansas in a few days.
I haven't seen my parents since Christmas Day!!!!!


  1. I love your spring mantle! I love his number book!

  2. the mantle looks great! wish my boys would eat as good as harbor! that is a nice little variety he has going on :) love the banana idea, may need to try that!

  3. Everything looks great! So happy that you're getting to come "home" for two weeks--enjoy!

  4. Love your Spring decor and the fact that your back to blogging. :) Thought I was the only one that liked salt on my tomatoes. :) Hope you have a wonderful trip back to the South! :)

  5. Hi Jessica! Stopping in from Kelly's Korner! I too live in MI, southeast MI to be exact. Love your spring mantle and your son is adorable! :)

  6. Oh my gosh your house is decorated SOOOOO cute, it should be in a magazine! You have great taste.

  7. cute flower frame ;)

    Loves you!

  8. First time I have posted, but have been reading awhile! I think you really could be an interior decorator-you are AMAZING!!!! Love all your ideas!

  9. How beautiful! I'm a new follower from Kelly's corner. Feel free to follow me as well :)