Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Craft Room

When we custom built our last home, I had a craft room in the walk out basement.
It was designed by me for me. : )

It was a huge space with stained concrete floors, a big picture window into the woods, and lots of room for shelving and a free standing work table. I had a sewing station, room for all of my paper cutters, and plenty of outlets.

Sometimes I miss that craft room, but I feel so blessed to have a small nook in the basement of this house.
It is not brand spanking new- alas, it is from 1928, it doesn't have stained concrete floors, and it lacks a big window, but, folks, it is all mine.

A place to spread out my work, spend some "mommy"time working on cards, and leave my mess out in plain sight without having to store it away every night.

Just take the staircase off the butler's pantry, go past the playroom, and then straight.
If you see the guest room, you have gone too far. : )

{Can you see the old milk door built into the wall? Neat stuff!}

When we first moved in, it was the first room I finished. I swore I wouldn't share it on my blog until it was perfect and clean and my projects were all finished.

Well, folks, it has been almost a year- can you believe it- and it still isn't perfect.
But then I realized that it will never be finished because that is the beauty of it- a constant, shifting, whirling place of paper clippings and double stick tape. 

So ignore the exposed block walls and cluttered tables.
You are now entering the "Mommy Zone!"

We think it is a pretty fun place. : )

We just had to grab a few "crafty" things to include in Harbor's suitcase.
We have a little trip planned out of town for a few weeks! : )

So now you know where the magic happens.
I'm glad I buckled down and shared my messy space.
Maybe next time I'll share the mountain of laundry that needs to be folded on my bed.
I'm feeling brave now.
: )


  1. It is absolutely perfect!!! Where on earth did you find that filing cabinet with so many little drawers???

  2. Wow, what an amazing work space! I adore all the storage shelves & cabinets you have! You have everything so well organized.


  3. Love it! I like how everything is organized in its own little space. Have a safe trip!

  4. LOVE IT!! I love your CREATE sign. Did you print the letters or how did you do it? love the way you did the ribbon too and the scissors. Who am I kidding it's all great!! I need to do some of this and I might be better organized!! ;)

  5. Looks great Jessica!!! Thanks for sharing! I dream about having my own craft room when we build a house!