Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farmer in the Dell

The weather in Arkansas has been warm, but breezy. I packed lots of long sleeved shirts and jeans, but thankfully, we have escaped Michigan weather and have been able to wear summer clothing instead. : )

The last two days have been spent:

- Writing with sidewalk chalk at Gigi and Poppy's house

- Playing on the playground with Granny Joyce
{my mom's mother,}
who is Harbor's great grandmother.

-Swimming in his little pool

-Smelling the roses
{literally and figuratively}

-Having water fights with Poppy at my parents' house

-Giving all of his dinosaurs rides in my mom's kitchen and sun room

-Cooking dinner
I've cooked dinner twice since being in town
: )

-Spending time at the farm

Yesterday was a haying day, so my dad headed out to see how things were going.
Harbor enjoyed "driving" the Kubota.

My uncle took a break from haying and baling to work on the baler.

We climbed around on equipment outside and tried to stay out of their way.
: )

Once the baler was up and running, we took to the fields.

I love that Harbor can experience the farm with my dad.
I grew up out here, helping my dad throw hay on the flat bed trailer
back when they used to make square bales.

We watched the tractor "eat" the grass hay
and roll out big, beautiful earthy rolls.

We were all covered in itchy, scratchy hay before the day was over.

This is my Grandmother driving the raker tractor.

She was working the fields ahead of my uncle,
 getting the hay fluffed into furrowed rows.
She is my dad's mom and another one of Harbor's great grandmothers.

The farm is definitely a family affair, young and old.
She is a strong woman to be working the fields in her 70's without air conditioning.
: )

This field had been cut, but a rule of thumb is to let it sit three days or so to dry properly.
Next is to have if fluffed out before using the baler.

We spent a lot of time with Rachel yesterday.
She is the reason we are in Arkansas.
She graduates Saturday with her bachelor's degree from my Alma Mater,
the University of Arkansas.
Both David and my dad have Industrial Engineering degrees from the UofA.
I have an Education degree,
and David's brother has an International Business degree from there, also.

We love the UofA! 

Rachel's graduation party is Saturday night!
We are so excited for her!
She has been given placement for her internship
and starts her Master's Degree next month.

I'm off to meet my mom for a pedicure!
She is giving me one herself today
since she is in Cosmetology school. : )
Friends with benefits!


  1. i love that you have both your grandmothers! so so sweet! and that harbor gets to know them too! i wish my boys could have met mine! they will someday ;)

    also love that your mom is in cosmetology school! i've entertained that thought too. if she needs to practice on anyone, let me know ;)

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying your time here with family. Some time when you're visiting, I'd love to get together for lunch!

  3. Wow, it looks like you are having such fun! Your mom is in cosmetology school?? How awesome is that? Can I come for a pedicure too? :)

  4. I know that your parents must BE so happy to have you home!!!!!!!! And Harbor looks like he is having so much fun outdoors-so much to explore:) Keep enjoying your time at home!