Monday, May 14, 2012

Friends and Food

I have to confess I have not been reading anyone's blog this week.
We have been too busy living in the moment. It has felt really good.
It makes me want to evaluate my time at home with Harbor,
to make the most of every day, to spend my time more wisely.

He will never be this small again, this impressionable, this open to my teaching.
Being with my friends and family this week has really brought that reality home for me.

Being away from my home and routine in Michigan has
been a great change of scenery, but also a reminder of how much "distracts" me
at home during our day-today.
To be taken out of your familiar setting shows you how you really spend your time.

I hope to go home later this week and spend the one-on-one time with Harbor that I have this week-
little computer, little television, little distractions. It has felt so refreshing to just "be." : )

We have spent time:

-Cooking homemade dinners

-Playing in the yard with my parents


- Running in my parents' backyard

{which is bigger than our neighborhood park and green space back in Michigan.}

I have missed the feeling of being small in such a big, green space.

- Measuring in for the month
{my mom has a place in their house where she has been measuring Harbor since he was walking.}

-Eating fresh fruit

- Hugging necks : )

- Becoming ladies who lunch : }

As a surprise, my aunt, Cathy, and Rachel took me to the Inn at Carnall Hall, on the University of Arkansas campus, where they had lunch reservations the week of Rachel's college graduation.

It was a special lunch as both Rachel and I now share the UofA as our alma mater.

We enjoyed yummy food!

- And had an impromtu photo shoot 
: )

- Went out to dinner with two of my best friends from high school

These girls know me better than almost anyone.
It is a wonderful feeling to be in their company
and know they understand so much of me without having to say a word.
Friendships like theirs are worth fighting for and keeping over the years.
I love these girls!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your sense of style, I swear every outfit you wear is like from a magazine.

    I'm also in love with that huge back yard, I grew up in the coutry and now live in the city so I long for spaces like that.

    Sweet pictures!

  2. Your parents home is GORGEOUS! Love all the land!!

    Glad you have been spending some quality time with your family and even your girlfriends! Looks like you've been having a awesome time. Love all the pics!

  3. Glad you are loving your trip back home---enjoy every moment!!!!!

  4. Love the pictures and the thoughts you shared about just "being". Next week I'll spend the entire week with my parents and lil' man.....oh after reading this I'm so excited! =) I'm so glad you get this opportunity to come back home.