Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Isn't She Lovely?

Isn't she lovely?
Isn't she wonderful?

That has been the song on my lips since Harbor and I
made the 1,000 mile drive from Detroit to Arkansas on Sunday.

The Ozark Mountains sure are lovely. : )

In just a short amount of time, we have:

-Played outside in warm, glorious weather!

-Fed the horses

-Swung on the swing set

-Picked ripe mulberries from the tree in my parent's backyard.

My parents' home is on two acres and they have a small apple
orchard, as well as a few fruit/berry trees.
We all enjoy when they come into fruitation this time of year.

-Had family lunches and dinners-

Before this Sunday,
Harbor and I had not seen my parents since Christmas day!
We have loved being involved in their day-to-day activities.

-Played games with Gigi and Poppy.

My mom is actually in Cosmetology school full time, so she is in class all day,
but we are making the most of our evenings.

-Fed the ducks/geese at the pond

If you have read my blog for a few years,
you know these spots are some of our favorites when we lived here
and still are when we come into town for visits.

-Played at our very favorite park-

It might not be on the Detroit River,
occupied with seagulls and the sounds of freighters chugging up the water,
but it is filled with Arkansas humidity and the sound of my mom's voice. : )
Let me say it again.. my favorite park!  : )

-Spent time exploring new toys at "home"

-Gone to the family farm with Poppy to check on the fence rows and cattle.

My family owns hundreds of acres in Northern Akansas
where my dad and uncle run a family beef cattle farm.

All of this land that you see,
to the top of the hill,
spreading out left and right for hundreds of more acres not pictured,
is a big part of who we are.
: )

We inspected a new hay building that was recently built.

-Picked and eaten fresh cherries from my grandmother's cherry orchard on the farm.

We might live in Detroit now, but I am a Southern girl through and through. : )
We were trying to teach Harbor to spit the seeds out.
After the mulberry picking, cherry picking was hard for him.
He couldn't remember that
mulberries are ripe when they are black, not red,
and cherries are ripe when they are red, not black.
: )

-Explored my grandmother's garden plot.
It feels so good to breathe fresh air and see trees and grass.

I know I sound dramatic, but where I live now in the city,
we drive for hours without seeing a wild field, a natural clump of trees, or rolling hills of any kind.

Concrete, people, trains, freighters, skyscrapers, and taxis have become our new normal.

Like I said, isn't she lovely? : )


  1. so happy you're back with your family! the land is beautiful!

  2. I cannot imagine how much your momma's heart swelled when she saw you and gave you a hug for the first time in 5 months! I am so excited for you and H to have "family" time! I wish your hubby could be with y'all, too!

  3. We were in Arkansas this weekend too. Tulsa isn't that much different from NWA but it sure it a lot prettier in Arkansas. Glad to see you so happy :)

  4. WOW WOW WOW - it looks amazing! How awesome that you are able to share all of these favorite places with your son!!

  5. Aww, brought tears to my eyes reading about how you hadn't seen them since Christmas and I know from reading your blog for so long now how close yall are! The pictures are beautiful!! So glad you are getting this time with your family.

  6. Love all the photos! =) Just wanted to say I think you're doing a GREAT job of making the best of living so far away from your family. I'm seriously impressed that you embarked on a 1,000 mile road trip with just you and your lil' man. I can hardly do 250 miles. ;o) I totally understand where you're coming from. Living in Detroit is what's best for your lil' family right now, yet I'm sure your heart aches for everything to do with HOME. I've SO been there. When my brother passed away suddenly three years ago my life as a mom took on a WHOLE new meaning. Bradyn was only 9 months old. It was tremendously hard. If not THE hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I love how you are making the BEST of every day as a SAHM, and it shows that you absolutely adore being a mother. I wish there were more moms like you. Isn't it amazing the things we do for our families? =) Enjoy your time at home! =)

  7. Looks like your little guy has lots to explore! WOW- how fun! Have a great time visiting your family :)

  8. I am so glad you are having fun! I love seeing your pictures.

  9. As someone that lives far from family, I know the utmost joy that comes with seeing your parents and going home! And it's even more fun when you get to share the joy with your kids-have a WONDERFUL trip!

  10. It looks like you had a wonderful time in Arkasas with your family. I love looking at all of your photos especially Harbor on the farm. It makes me even more excited to get to go home and let my kids play at my parents farm.