Friday, June 1, 2012

4th of July Shelves

Hope you had a great Memorial Day with your family!

In years past, we have spent our Memorial Day like this,
but this year we did a few house projects and stayed around home.
We certainly missed all the festivities at home in Arkansas.

I had my shelves redecorated in time to be Memorial Day shelves,
but I am planning on using them
for the 4th of July, also.
Freedom shelves, perhaps?
: )

And holidays past...

I love looking at how different the light is in these past pictures.
Today's pictures reflect a rainy, cloudy day here in Detroit.
Our high yesterday was only in the 60's.

Do you have a favorite holiday shelf thus far?
You can follow the label "Holiday Ikea Shelves"
at the bottom of this post to see them up close,
if that tickles your fancy this weekend.
: )

Hope you have a relaxing weekend with family.
Summer is here! Woo Hoo! : )


  1. So festive! I always love the holiday shelves! I'm curious--what is the big flag made from? It looks 3-D, on blue poster board??

    Hope y'all are doing well. Happy Summer!

  2. I love seeing all your ideas for each holiday. Super cute!!

  3. That is so cute! I really like it! I am not sure if I posted about your closet! I wish you could have cleared out mine when you were in Arkansas. Yours was so organized! I love your festive shelves!

  4. Cute Jessica :) I love your kitchen table by the way, really like the chair/bench, looks awesome for family dinners!

  5. love it! i love how you have one spot dedicated to the holidays! so fun to see the changes :)

  6. Yes,I must say I do love your holiday shelves.Its a great way to decorate for the different holidays without all the stuff taking over the whole house & looking cluttered, plus when its time to clean it all up its just in the one place, simple & easy. These shelves were all your own idea just in case anyone out there in blog land was wondering, Jessica didn't get this idea from her mommy. I did pass on allot of good stuff to her but this wasn't one of them,ha!!!!Look forward to seeing what other photos we took from you vist home that you are going to share.Miss & love you. Give my sweet Harbor William a hug & kiss from Poppy & Gigi :)