Monday, September 30, 2013

Sweet and Golden Italian Tomato Chicken: A Recipe

Need a scrumptious, filling dinner idea for this week?
Try one of our favorites-
Sweet and Golden Italian Tomato Chicken
I wish I had an easy typed recipe to snap a picture of, but this one is a McCash special.
: )
frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts {I use about four}
1 package of spaghetti noodles
2 green bell peppers {diced}
1 onion {diced}
2 tablespoons garlic {I use minced}
2 cans of diced tomatoes, undrained
a good amount of sweet and golden yellow cherry tomatoes
1 packet of Italian Herb Slow cooker seasonings
Toss your frozen chicken right in your crock pot,
and cover it up with your diced tomatoes, garlic, and season packet.
Dice your golden tomatoes, onion, and peppers.

Kiss your baby.
: )

Add your chopped veggies to the crock pot

Give it a good stir and put the lid on.
{I choose green bell peppers because this meal is so colorful! Red, green, and yellow!}

Cook on high for about five hours

Boil your pasta and make a batch of homemade garlic bread.
Serve it up.

This meal is hearty and sweet and rich.
It has a great flavor and is so colorful.
I think you will like it!
We love it at our house.
: )
{This recipe has been added to the Recipe tab at the top!}
And it got a bit of a makeover!
Happy Cooking!
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

New State, New Season

The weather this week has been glorious in our part of Colorado.
Sunny and cool, hovering in the low 70's and upper 60's with a scant splattering
of snow on the mountain peaks. 
We're unpacking our winter boxes from Detroit, preparing to switch out sandals for boots.
Fall is, without doubt, my favorite time of year.
I tolerate the summer, but Fall is my happy place.
We've spent many Saturday mornings on the couch, listening to Pandora, planning our day ahead.
It seems we are always on a trail.
If we're not hiking it, we're biking it.

And lugging the tripod with us.
You just never know when a picture will present itself.
: )

Or a perfect picnic spot will stop you in your tracks.

At home, we're easing back into a school schedule.
I always seem to get asked a lot of questions about our schooling.
I do have an education degree, and I did teach for six years before staying home,
but I taught 5th grade.
I have been photographing our school routine and plan on posting soon-
our schedule, our routine, etc
So, stay tuned if you have a little one and would like some preschool prep ideas.

Part of our routine is that Harbor works on his scripture references for church.

And receives plenty of breaks for fun play!

And poor Henry.
What can I say.
He is a little brother, now.

Soccer is almost over
{sniff, sniff!}

Somehow, someway
{I have no clue how!}
I turned from a,
"I don't want to spend all Saturday on the field"
to a
"Go, Harbor! Get it, Harbor! RRRUUUNNNN, Harbor!"
kinda mom.

Seeing little ones run around and chase soccer balls is just too hilarious.
I love it.

And my sweet cheeks, Henny-Penny, is just growing bigger every day.

While they don't always play together, Harbor loves the attention of Henry following after him.
Blocks are always a favorite around our house.

Harbor told me this was his "Camp" site.
The white tents are actually cardboard corners off of a painting.

And these were the mountains beside his campsite.
Looks like someone has camping on the brain.

So, Harbor and I sat down and created our very own Fall checklist.
He made sure to tell me what was important to him.
Camping made the list.
Do you recall this post?
Apparently it made an impression because it made the list, also.

{Feel free to right click and save this Fall checklist for yourself!
If you pin to Pinterest, just make sure it links back here.
You can cut our names off of the top.
It will print as an 8.5 x 11 on a home computer.
I still can't believe we are celebrating Fall again, in another new state, again.
New state, new season.
We're ready!
: )
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home Tour: Great Room

Choosing this house was all about making decisions.
And poor David was left to make them all alone.
Sure, he could {and did} send me pictures from his cell phone,
but let's face he facts. Cell phone pictures are not the same as walking into a house.
We had many, many conversations that started with me saying,
"Now, I've just come out of the kitchen.... so, tell me again what I room I'm looking at now."
It was pretty exciting to walk into the house for the first time knowing David had been here for weeks on his own. Since we had done it before that way in Michigan it was definitely a bit easier.
Instead of a big dining room, we opted for a smaller one in order to gain two separate living areas.
They are on different ends of the house and so far, it has been a great choice for us.
We can use the formal living area for playing with blocks and railroad tracks
while the Great Room is kept separate for reading and movie watching.
A few things in the great room:
1.My talented mother hand sewed a new ottoman cover for us- we love it!
2. The big corner mantle/TV space made furniture arrangement difficult.
So, we angled the TV against a small corner wall to face both the mantle and the windows.
3. Behind the sofa is a gorgeous solid wood door from our 1920's house in Detroit.
The new home owner, during a conversation with David, graciously said it could go with us.
It was an extra door left over from the kitchen renovation.
I love the character it brings and the memories from living in Michigan.
4.  The huge two-story windows are dressed in none other than the same drapes we used in Arkansas in our dining room.  Who knew they could be so long!
5. I decided to do away with all the red- the red lampshades, the ottoman cover, and the couch cushions, mainly.  I slipcovered the cushions myself and bought new lampshades from Lowes. I kept my red stuff {in the basement,} but needed a change.
6. And lastly, the bench cornered against the windows is from our dining room table.
With a smaller dining room, we removed our leaf and had to find a new home for it.
It has worked great for extra seating and a place to store toys.

The Great Room has been really fun for Harbor.
There is an overlook balcony from the 2nd floor above the couch
and he likes to keep an eye on everyone.
{and throw pillows overboard!}
: )
{You can see our formal living room here}
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oriental Slaw: A Recipe

Two posts in two days?
Who am I, right?!?
: )
I'm really, really making an effort to record our favorites around here.
In fact, just this morning,
I had a text from a family member back in Arkansas asking for my Mexican Chicken recipe.
 I hope to photograph and record all of my "go-to" recipes and make life easier for all of us.
: )
And having them turned into a hardback cookbook is fun too.
Christmas presents, maybe?
Okay. Oriental Slaw.
I feel like this is one of the recipes. You know the kind.
You either love it and make it yourself.
Or you've heard about it / seen it / wondered about it
but have never tackled it.
Let me reassure you.
It is GOOD!
It deserves a try. We eat it up. We eat it the next day.
Here are your ingredients:
Now, I know a few of you shy away from this salad because it calls for Ramen.
But no worries.
You don't actual cook and eat Ramen.
It's just a little crunchy topping.
This is the recipe that is our favorite:

Once you have your helpers and your ingredients assembled,

brown your Ramen plain {don't add the Ramen spice packets!}
with butter, sesame seeds, and the almonds.

Drain them on a paper towel.

Open your slaw.

Toss it in a bowl.

Add your Ramen mixture warm and toss.
Make your dressing
{Sooo good!!}
but don't add to your slaw until just before serving.

We love this stuff! Tangy, sweet, crunchy!

We like to eat ours with chicken in honey sauce.

You can find my chicken in honey sauce recipe here.
And if you cook something, let me know!
And someone asked last week
if they can pin these to Pinterest to find them quickly.
Hover over a picture. The Pinterest button is ready!
Happy Cooking!
{and happy slaw, y'all!}
: )
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