Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Labor Day Love

Over the long Labor Day weekend, we decided to make a fast trip home to see both sides of our families.  Three and 1/2 days to be exact. We decided to leave as soon as David got of work, drive the twelve hours all through the night, and arrive at day break. 
{We found this drive to be so speedy after the 17 hours we did for two years in Detroit.} 
We were tired, but the kids slept on the way and were up and ready for action as soon as we hit the driveway. With Henry growing so quickly and Harbor turning into a "big" kid, we know these trips home to Arkansas are super important.
David brought his homemade rocket he built in our garage at home in Colorado-
PVC pipe, Dr. Pepper bottles, and a bike pump-
yes, he is an engineer even at home.  : )
He, Harbor, and my dad shot it off and would run to see who could catch it.
{almost no one caught that silly thing!}
: )
Lots of great videos were taken that first afternoon!

Harbor ran my parents' acreage in the country and found lots of bugs.
And sticks.
And dead bugs.

I did my best to videotape thus said bugs and rockets.

And my mom made sure to document me along with the grand kids.
: )

Henry got held and passed along.
It was great to see him in the arms of loved ones.
{and I think his little knees appreciated the break from crawling!}

Harbor had a hard time staying indoors with so much to explore and see.
After two years of living in Detroit, wide open spaces of privately owned land still fascinate him.
Which makes me sad a bit. When he was born, we owned almost two acres ourselves
{has anyone been reading my blog that long?}
: )

To wrap up day one in Arkansas, we spent some time on campus at our Alma Mater.
Both David and I, and my dad, graduated with our bachelor degrees from here-
such a special place to our family!
 Though I stay home now, I loved my college years. And I loved teaching those six years. I'm so thankful I earned my degree young- I have such pride in that season of my life. I'm so thankful for those carefree, fun years!
And as a treat, my boys got to attend their first ever Greek theater pep rally.
It was loud and crowded.... and perfect.

We spent the following days taking impromptu photo shoots with the self timer.
Though Henry is still in STPT {self timer picture training,}Harbor knows to look and smile.
So thankful for these pictures!

We spent only a half day at the farm. We are accustomed to long farm trips complete with tractors, horse riding, and cow checking, but, with just three full days, we settled for a trip to the hay barn.
We visited my grandmother- my dad's mom- for a four generation photo.

I found hay in shoes, pants, and unmentionables.
Hay barn fun is not for the faint of heart!
: )



The farm and its rolling Ozark hillsides of over 400 acres of family land fill me with quiet peace.
I'm thankful for the good hay supply. A farmer's life is so dependent on such simple things.
One fun aspect of being "home" is including family in daily activities:

David and I were excited to have received tickets to the first Razorback game of the season-
and to be present for the stadium's 75th anniversary.

Rachel is dating one of the senior starting tackles and it was fun to actual know someone personally on the field. It was a great game and our first date without the kids since Henry's birth over seven months ago. A college football game sure beats going to the movies!
{minus the heat and humidity- whew!}

We spent the last part of the second day celebrating birthdays.
I will turn 32 this month.
In my mind, I still feel 23, so I'm okay to admit my age.
It almost seems like because I still feel so young, I'm still vying to prove I'm older.
And then it hits me. I am older.
Nothing to prove, sweetheart.
: )
 The night kicked off with a visit from my sweet cousin. She visited me in Detroit last summer.
And she knows of my undying love of burlap.
And wreaths.
This pretty little lady is now hanging in Colorado on my door.

Lots of pictures were taken.
: )

Including another four generation pose. 
I love that my grandmothers- the boys great grandmothers- are still at all of our family events.
Candles were lit.
Songs were sung.

Gifts were exchanged.

And celebratory cookies were made.
In the mixer.
That I hauled all the way from Colorado.
{David had room for the rocket so I figured the Mixer could attend, also}
: )
And as a side note, when I got home, I whipped up these little 4x6 thank you cards.
And on our very last day, Labor Day, we spent an afternoon with David's family. Out in the country, there was swimming and barbecuing and watching little ones gather enough courage to jump into the deep end.
We swatted the last of the summer mosquitoes off our legs
and ate the summer's first cucumbers, bottled up in mason jars, brimming with garlic and vinegar.
To me, it almost seemed like life immitating art.
Those pickes, sweet and yet sour, seemed like summer.
Summer ending, but not quite yet. Not if we could hold on to it a bit longer.

Henry was passed yet again, snakes were caught, and David's rocket flew over 100 feet into the sky.

And amidst this fun, I snuck away to Rachel's classroom.
Her very own.
So proud!

Our trips home are always jam-packed, filled to the brim, nonstop activities.
They make coming home
and the 12 hour dive
worth it.
Our little ones are growing. They will never be this small again.
Sharing them with family is important.
Labor Day was officially a labor of love.
: )
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  1. I so loved your "Thank you" cards so cute & creativy. Yes, our time together always goes so very fast but we must make time to be together or life will pass & they boys will grow up & we will have missed out on being aprat of it & of course have regets that we didn't get together more. Loved all your photos & I need to pick some out & set around the house. Miss & love you all so much, Mom

  2. What a fun-filled Labor Day trip!

  3. I've been reading since almost the beginning. :) You asked if anyone was still here. Love your hair color and your hair in general. What are you doing to it to make it kinda wavy??