Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home Tour: Great Room

Choosing this house was all about making decisions.
And poor David was left to make them all alone.
Sure, he could {and did} send me pictures from his cell phone,
but let's face he facts. Cell phone pictures are not the same as walking into a house.
We had many, many conversations that started with me saying,
"Now, I've just come out of the kitchen.... so, tell me again what I room I'm looking at now."
It was pretty exciting to walk into the house for the first time knowing David had been here for weeks on his own. Since we had done it before that way in Michigan it was definitely a bit easier.
Instead of a big dining room, we opted for a smaller one in order to gain two separate living areas.
They are on different ends of the house and so far, it has been a great choice for us.
We can use the formal living area for playing with blocks and railroad tracks
while the Great Room is kept separate for reading and movie watching.
A few things in the great room:
1.My talented mother hand sewed a new ottoman cover for us- we love it!
2. The big corner mantle/TV space made furniture arrangement difficult.
So, we angled the TV against a small corner wall to face both the mantle and the windows.
3. Behind the sofa is a gorgeous solid wood door from our 1920's house in Detroit.
The new home owner, during a conversation with David, graciously said it could go with us.
It was an extra door left over from the kitchen renovation.
I love the character it brings and the memories from living in Michigan.
4.  The huge two-story windows are dressed in none other than the same drapes we used in Arkansas in our dining room.  Who knew they could be so long!
5. I decided to do away with all the red- the red lampshades, the ottoman cover, and the couch cushions, mainly.  I slipcovered the cushions myself and bought new lampshades from Lowes. I kept my red stuff {in the basement,} but needed a change.
6. And lastly, the bench cornered against the windows is from our dining room table.
With a smaller dining room, we removed our leaf and had to find a new home for it.
It has worked great for extra seating and a place to store toys.

The Great Room has been really fun for Harbor.
There is an overlook balcony from the 2nd floor above the couch
and he likes to keep an eye on everyone.
{and throw pillows overboard!}
: )
{You can see our formal living room here}
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  1. Love it! The colors are perfect. I love all of the windows too! Hope you have something nice to look at.