Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hollin and Happenings

I'm coming down to the last few weeks of this pregnancy!
Hollin is due in about a month and it has really passed so quickly.
Her nursery has been finished for weeks and just today we bought a pink car seat.
This house has never seen so much pink!
: )
I've gained a total of about 15 pounds so far and am hoping to gain more in the next four weeks.
With gallbladder disease, they put you on quite a strict diet, but they reassure me she is measuring right on track, so we're very thankful for that!
{These pictures were taken about a week a part from one another}

My boys have been busy-
Harbor started kindergarten this week.
He goes to a uniform half day school and so far, he loves it!
Though he is only gone for about three hours a day, we miss him terribly here at home!
I'm really enjoying having the rest of the day with him to continue in our home school studies. 

This guy is almost 19 months old.
He talks so much that we can actually admit we have lost count of words.
He has started to make two word sentences: sky rain and Daddy bye-bye
He loves to draw and color, climb onto the kitchen table, eat!, play at the park, brush his teeth,
read books, and chase brother {he calls Harbor 'brother'}
We love him so!

David is doing great!
Work is rewarding and he is really happy with the company.
Recently, he flew alone to Ohio for business and
I joked that I would go into labor while he was gone.
Well, it almost happened.
While he was in Cleveland, I suffered an extreme gallbladder attack alone with the kids.
I ended up calling 911, which was a first for me ever!
David arranged childcare from Ohio just as the ambulance arrived.
They kept me overnight for two nights while David struggled to make it back home.
The attacks bring on massive contractions that require pills to control.
Thankfully, my sweet mom made the long 12 hour drive alone from Arkansas to Colorado and stayed for a full month to help out with the kids. My aunt even flew in during that time for a week.
We are blessed, indeed!
While my mom was here, I ended up having a grand total of four attacks and hospitalized three times.
Gallbladder stones are no joke, especially in late pregnancy.
I'll be very glad to see it removed after Hollin arrives.
Needless to say, David cancelled another trip to Chicago last week to stay close to home
and even cancelled a year long camping trip with the guys that had been on the calendar for a year.
He is a great guy and very supportive.

Despite life's circumstances, I am choosing joy!
Hollin is much wanted and prayed for, and she is worth the wait for surgery.
Hope you are all off to a great school year!
The house is quiet with Harbor gone, but I'm trying to get a nap schedule for Henry during those few hours so I can maximize my time.
Pretty soon the snow will be flying here and I'll be consumed with Christmas.
Is it so bad that I look forward to those days?
: )
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  1. I am so sorry you are having such a rough time! Not much longer and Miss Hollin will be here! I want to see her nursery :)

  2. I have been following your blog for some time now..and it is so interesting. It's like a good book I can't put down! I am a wife and mom of 2 small boys also. I also am a Christian. You are just an amazing inspiration to me! All the things you do with your boys, your beautifully decorated house (with Bible verses also- I love it!), the nice vacations you go on as a family, how you decorate for holidays...etc. I don't know how you do it all! Your oldest reminds me of my oldest. He seems very sweet and loving. Anyway, I mainly wanted to encourage you and say keep it up because you have a beautiful family and you are doing a great job! I wish I was more like you. I spend so much time planning, the ideas never get done I feel like. I hope everything goes well with the birth of your baby girl...I bet you are in for some sweet changes! I will say a prayer everything goes well with her arrival! Thanks for your inspiration of being a Christian wife/mother!

  3. I commented before reading the last part of this post. I am sorry you are having trouble with the stones. Bless your heart! I will add that to my prayer.

  4. Can't wait to see the nursery! I had my gallbladder removed 7 weeks after my daughter was born. So thankful to not have to experience that kind of pain ever again!!

  5. ugh, gallbladder troubles, no fun! You look awesome though and congratulations on baby Hollin!