Sunday, September 15, 2013

Soccer and Stairs

Happy Sunday!
We've just returned from a great afternoon of church and shopping.
I hope you've had a productive day, too.
Taking a nap and eating goldfish crackers is another way I like to stay productive on Sundays.
But, today, it wasn't happening. Too much to do.
Including an update to the blog for our friends and family.
: )
We have finally entered into the phase of life I used to dream about:
the "we have an activity every evening and are always on the go" season.
Soccer practice, soccer games, Awanas, church, and Mops meetings
consume all but three days out of the week.

The three days we're at home, we're not playing the game of soccer,
but we are playing the game of "stairs."
And both require speed. And good blocking.
Both my jobs.
Yes, I'm a baby goalie. And I'm a fast one, at that.
: )

Last week, David sold his beloved Harley out of the parking lot to a guy who happened to take notice of it. It was pretty exciting for David, who, though he loved his motorcycle, had been looking into a different kind of bike.One where he was the motor- a mountain bike.
With my birthday in a few days, he also surprised me by getting one for me, too.
We took the kids on a pretty strenuous trail in the mountains.
Had we known, we would have gone elsewhere- it had jumps and steep inclines and loose gravel.
Not ideal with a seven month old. Or an out of shape mama.
But! We had a great time- and broke the bikes in!
: )

The trailhead was beautiful.
I would have been happy to just ride around in the parking lot.

Gorgeous, isn't it!

The boys are starting to play together. Mainly Henry chasing after Harbor.
His little knees are forever rug burned, but lately they've been building couch forts.
They both enjoy crawling under the pillows,
 and my heart feels like it will burst to hear them belly laugh together in their own little language.
Henry is discovering his world.
I've always heard mamas say that the 2nd child isn't photographed as much as the first,
and I've been so determined to make sure that doesn't happen.
Keeping my big camera charged and at hand has helped capture the simple moments that I know will someday tell the story of childhood.
Harbor is enjoying his second year in Cubbies at Awanas.
What a fabulous program!
We love the scripture reference and memorization.
 Harbor works so hard for those patches.
And we all get good practice reciting basic Biblical truths.
His verse last week was, "God loved us and sent his son."
I've finally finished decorating, painting, and organizing the house.
We've been here only three months or so, but I feel like this house has taken the longest to set up.
The mountains calling our names have something to do with that.
: )
All of my life, up until high school, my family moved every 2-3 years also.
My mom was a pro at setting the house up in record time.
She always told me that a family who has a home, clean and organized, to settle into, will feel secure.
I've always tried to remember her wise words and not let to much time pass without everything finding its place.
 As a mom, I know that job falls to me.
My boys might not realize they can find what they want quickly, but it sure leads to less stress, less fighting, and less anxiety when we all know where the bike pump, the game Candyland, and the craft paint is at a moments notice. 
Speaking of paint, I threw together a "school" bunting for our
formal living room during Henry's nap. 
I think starting in another week, I will be ready to blog about our home here.
Some things I love. Somethings I'm still adjusting to.
Such is the life when your husband picks two homes in a row and you are living 1,000 away.
He picked this home and our Michigan home with me only seeing pictures sent via text messaging.
He does a great job and I'm so thankful he "knows" me. Having built a house together from the ground up has helped tremendously. Looking back, I can see the Lord preparing us for these moves.
I'm also thankful that while I'm in the great room blogging away, I can see him upstairs ironing.
Thanks, honey.
: )
And I'm also training Henry to compose blog posts.
I know, I know....
I have it made.
Have a great week!
Anything new going on with you?
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  1. Ohhh, your new home is gorgeous, and it looks like you had a wonderful day! Your boys are growing like little {adorable} weeds! Miss you much, Friend!

  2. I can't wait to your new home! It is so beautiful there!

  3. I loved all your photos & you have done great job making your new house a home for the 4 of you. It really does look so different with all the paint & curtains & stuff in its own place, nothing like it looked when Dad & I was last there. So you guys have been very busy but now you can relax more & enjoy living in such great place with so much to do. And I love all those mountains with different levels & layers of mountains & rock formations. Harbor looks so cute in his Awana's vest with all his patches that I know he worked so hard to earn. The Awana's program helps get HW ready for school also so its double good. Don't teach Henry how to use the computer just yet(ha...) cause when he gets the hang of it Harbor & Henry will be fighting over it, LOL. Miss & love you all so much, MOM

  4. Jessica,

    Thank you so much for introducing yourself! Your family and your blog are beautiful.

    God bless,


  5. Your new home looks beautiful!

  6. Hi!
    I used to read your other blog and have commented a few times, then noticed that you set it at private. I'm glad I found you again! (Promise - I'm not a stalker! Haha!)
    Colorado looks to be suiting your family!
    Many blessings,