Friday, September 20, 2013

A Tufted Board: Tutorial

One aspect of our "great room" in the new house that I wasn't too keen on was the big corner fireplace complete with huge mantle suited for a television.
I'm not much on the T.V. showing- and, as we all know, decorating deep mantles is about as "fun" as decorating the tops of the kitchen cabinets.
It can be stressful to find what you love and make it work.
So, to avoid the whole situation, we decided to build a tufted headboard to lean back over the deepest part of the mantle.
And it totally solved the problem.
The mantle appears to be narrow now and is super easy to dress for the holidays.
Smiles all around!
We started with a precut piece of MDF board.
We used plain ol' wood glue to glue fabric batting
{bought from a local fabric store}  
to the MDF board.

We stapled fabric over the batting.

And then used nail head trim {we used six}
to nail directly through the fabric and batting with a hammer.
{we also bought the nail head trim at the fabric store}

It would be such a fun project for a bed frame needing a headboard.
Or even just used as a big custom bulletin board in a hallway.
And it looks so much prettier than a big, ol' television.
: )

Happy Crafting!
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