Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall {at our house}

It is Fall here in Michigan. The leaves have gone from red to yellow to brown in a matter of days.

Come on outside and we'll show you. Yes, we'll wait until you have your jacket zipped up. It is chilly!  : )

Our flag

Our front door

Our seating area
{when my mom was getting ready to board her airplane home, she pushed a $20 bill into my hand and told me to buy some flowers for the porch.}

Mission completed. Thanks, Mom!

Our pumpkin

Our house... It is finally starting to feel like home, a place with memories, albeit only a few.

Our big tree in our teeny tiny front yard

Our street..
it always reminds me of the scene in "Father of the Bride" when Steve Martin is driving home in his little convertible.

Our neighbors directly across the street

Harbor likes to say that our house is really, really tall.
David reminds us that homes here have a steep roof pitch due to heavy snow fall. Oh. Yes, well there is that.  : )

Our neighbors directly to the left

Harbor William

We were on a hunt for perfect Fall leaves

We hunted near and far and couldn't help but to wander into our neighbor's yards.
 Please and thank you.  : )

Our entire street seems to have come alive with color

Though the wind is a bit nippy, we really can't complain.

Yes, we are pretty happy in our new home, so far away from all we know.


We gathered our bounty and headed indoors.

To create beautiful masterpieces for the 'fridge!
We both got a kick out of doing "leaf rubbings" and it put us in such a wonderful mood.
Sometimes as parents we need to remember that our children need us to create things with them, using our hands.

We had a lot to tell Daddy when he came home!

We had a very busy day, hard at "work."  : )


  1. Such a beautiful, welcoming home and street! My mom recently reminded me of a project we did as kids--press leaves between sheets of wax paper And iron on low heat to create fall place mats. I think we will try it soon--our leaves are just beginning to turn.
    Happy Fall!

  2. Your neighborhood looks so warm and inviting! I love how you have decorated your porch for fall. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love your neighborhood and your lovely house! I adore "older" houses and love all their character and uniqueness. Enjoy your Fall. It's 88 here today :)

  4. Such a cute neighborhood!!! It really does remind me of Father of the Bride!

  5. That is pretty dreamy!! I love your house and your neighborhood!

  6. Good job Jessica, I think you done good on the flowers for the front porch. Hope no one steals them, I know everyone decorates their porchs their but since someone stole your neigbors pumkins now I think of other items that can be taken, oh well if it happens its just stuff & it can be replaced. Little Harbor William is looking more & more like a big boy not a baby face any longer. I love the photos of HW outside, such a pretty boy & such blue eyes like his Gigi,ha!!! Looks like I need to get on here more often I'm getting behind :) love you always, MOM

  7. Love all the pics of your new neighborhood!