Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oriental Slaw: A Recipe

Two posts in two days?
Who am I, right?!?
: )
I'm really, really making an effort to record our favorites around here.
In fact, just this morning,
I had a text from a family member back in Arkansas asking for my Mexican Chicken recipe.
 I hope to photograph and record all of my "go-to" recipes and make life easier for all of us.
: )
And having them turned into a hardback cookbook is fun too.
Christmas presents, maybe?
Okay. Oriental Slaw.
I feel like this is one of the recipes. You know the kind.
You either love it and make it yourself.
Or you've heard about it / seen it / wondered about it
but have never tackled it.
Let me reassure you.
It is GOOD!
It deserves a try. We eat it up. We eat it the next day.
Here are your ingredients:
Now, I know a few of you shy away from this salad because it calls for Ramen.
But no worries.
You don't actual cook and eat Ramen.
It's just a little crunchy topping.
This is the recipe that is our favorite:

Once you have your helpers and your ingredients assembled,

brown your Ramen plain {don't add the Ramen spice packets!}
with butter, sesame seeds, and the almonds.

Drain them on a paper towel.

Open your slaw.

Toss it in a bowl.

Add your Ramen mixture warm and toss.
Make your dressing
{Sooo good!!}
but don't add to your slaw until just before serving.

We love this stuff! Tangy, sweet, crunchy!

We like to eat ours with chicken in honey sauce.

You can find my chicken in honey sauce recipe here.
And if you cook something, let me know!
And someone asked last week
if they can pin these to Pinterest to find them quickly.
Hover over a picture. The Pinterest button is ready!
Happy Cooking!
{and happy slaw, y'all!}
: )
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  1. I love to see your helper near by, I know Harbor enjoys being in the kitchen & spending time with you & helping you make something yummy. Miss & love you all, MOM