Thursday, April 9, 2015

Keystone for Spring Break

We spent some time at Keystone over Spring Break this year.

We went last year for New Years, which was magical, all glowing and festive with Christmas tinsel and ice sculptures. 

This year was just as much fun: the young Spring break crowd, snowboarders wearing swimsuits, and warm weather in the upper 50's with great snow pack.

Our dear little friend, Hunter, celebrated his 7th birthday with a mountain party and invited our family to tag along.

We originally anticipated letting the kids play the bulk of the day at the ice castle at Keystone's summit. 
But after buying lift tickets for all eight of us and reaching the top, we found it already gone, melted away in the March sunshine.

So, we did what we do best- have fun with plan B.

Plan B ended up being a hundred tiny photo shoots among the trees, throwing snowballs, climbing through snow tunnels. meandering among the pines, riding the lifts, eating lunch at the Summit house, chatting with skiers, and gallivanting around Keystone village.

Down in the village, bonfires roared and we had to keep an eye on the little ones.
At one point, Harbor's face was soot covered and Henry fell backwards in his pack,cracking his head on the concrete.

After a minor heart attack from me {David was in the restroom!}
 we were all all able to resume the adventure.

The boys loved riding the gondolas.
We took one to the top of the summit and another further onto the backside for pictures with less people.

Both Melissa and I shoot with Canon cameras, so what one friend didn't capture, the other did.

This was Harbor's 3rd trip, Henry's 2nd, and Hollin's first time to Keystone.
We are starting to make some traditions- and I love it!

The ride back home from the resort to our front door took exactly two hours.
You just can't beat living in paradise.
: )
Happy Birthday, Hunter!
Hope you had a great Spring Break, too, friends!

Our family of five waiting to board the lifts

The girls!
Melissa, me, and Hollin

My Harbor 

Hollin's first gondola ride

Lunch on the summit

Henry ran around the restaurant in his footed pajamas without shoes.
Choose your battles.
So, I did.

Daddy and Henry

From Keystone, you can always see the runs of Breckenridge. 

My sweet Henry

Me shooting Melissa shooting Henry.
: )

Love her!

Our family

The birthday boy, Hunter

Such a beautiful backdrop!
Great is thy faithfulness!

Sleeping Hollin was a tooper!

A snowboarder took this for us!
It is always nice not to haul the tripod everywhere.

We even stowed away one Flat Stanley for a slew of about 25 of his own pictures during the trip for a little friend in Tennessee.  

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