Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Paint Mines

The weekend before Easter, right after we returned from Keystone, 
we planned a day trip to the Paint Mines.

Apparently it is one of those places that even Native Coloradians don't know about or visit,
but it was mesmerizing in both the sheer size of the park and in color.

The Paint Mines resembled a literal paint party.
With splashes of pink and purple intertwining the clay and rock, 
we felt a little bit like Alice in Wonderland.
Everything felt out of scale.

Hoodoos, spires, and crags towered above us while slabs
 of 55 million year old granite boulders provided hiding places for small children.
: )

It was windy and a bit chilly, but the hike was uphill a good portion of the way,
 and we worked up a good sweat.  
The littles were carried until David's back  gave out  Henry needed a break.

We hiked our tripod in and literally had to force ourselves to stop for pictures.
The area was just something straight out of an Egyptian landscape.
King Tut and sphinxes.
I felt like my eyes and my mind and thoughts were elsewhere.

We even found a few Easter eggs hidden away, deep in some of the crags.
The boys felt like it was their own personal maze to conquer. 

I wore my Paint Party Jamberry wraps to commemorate the experience.
Since becoming a consultant, I've had great fun pairing nails with trips.

We have a small list of places to hike and explore this Spring and Summer.
I hope we can hit a new place every other weekend.

Can you, dear reader, recommend any places we should visit here in Colorado?
: )

Life out West is sweet.

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