Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harbor's 3rd Birthday {Party for 3}

This was the easiest party I have ever thrown.
A party for three doesn't require too much. : )

No invites to design, no postage to buy.
No crafting for days and days.
No cupcakes to design and order.
Just a table, a few pieces of fabric, a little cupcake stand, and some balloons.
The city backdrop and the seagulls were free.  : )

It was simple. It was easy. It was a party for three.

Happy 3rd {windy and cold!} birthday, Harbor William!

This is a wall of graffiti we pass in Detroit every time we go to Belle Isle. Detroit is full of graffiti, which comes as no surprise, but we love this wall.
Yes, Detroit, we enjoyed our day. Thanks. : ) 

For those who have the time and feel like browsing down memory lane, here are links to Harbor's other birthday parties.

Harbor's first birthday party here.
Harbor's second birthday party here.

David has to work Saturday and Sunday, and we are pretty sad about him being gone seven days this week, but we have a few Christmas crafts in the works!
Have a fun weekend!


  1. LOVE the sweet, colorful pictures with the city as the backdrop! So neat! Happy Birthday Harbor!

  2. What a perfect party! Beautiful backdrop for your sweet celebration. Harbor is growing up so fast!

  3. I love all the photos of your little family. And man I love that green of the ballons & the grass so bright. It looks like Harbor William got allot of fun stuff for his 3rd birthday. We wish we could of been together but we will see you at Thanksgiving,yipee....I do feel sorry for you guys that such a long car ride but we will enjoy our time together while you are here, give Harbor a kiss & hug from poppy & Gigi :) MOM

  4. What a cute litte party for just you 3!!! I love that you decorated and still made it so special! Happy 3rd Birthday Harbor!!

  5. He's grown up sooo much! Love this color scheme...want to decorate the nursery this color!! :) Have fun!

  6. Happy Birthday Harbor. This was such a great idea. I loved this little party for 3!

  7. That sounds like the perfect party to me! The balloons, presents, and decor are awesome! His smile says it all! It doesn't seem possible that he is 3!

  8. So sweet! I love the simplicity and family affair! What a cute little boy! :)