Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter in Colorado

We have been so SO busy these last few weeks.
Busy in the best way.
Keystone for Spring Break, hiking the Paint Mines to see 55 million year old hoodoos, and a quick trip home to Arkansas where I was a matron of honor, Harbor was a ring bearer, and David was an usher in a family wedding.
I've got lots of updates and photos to document and journal.
I look forward to preserving all these events in the next few weeks, but for now, I want to talk about Easter.
This is our 2nd Easter here in Colorado.
Last year at this time, I was pregnant with Hollin and had a broken foot.
Seems like a long time ago - and then it seems like it just happened.
{Click here to read about Easter last year in 2014}
This Easter was much like last years:
perfectly warm weather with a cool breeze off Pikes Peak,
the Front Range covered in snow, but yellow Johnny flowers blooming down below,
and a great day of reflecting on Christ's miraculous resurrection. 
This year, we are so blessed to have Hollin with us.
Her first Easter was as sunny as the hazy sky glinting off the peaks.

We hid eggs in the house after the kids went to bed the night before.
We made nests with Easter grass and told Harbor to kindly let Henry collect the eggs in the nests.
His job was to find the more strategic eggs!
: )

My family in Arkansas sent a very gracious Easter box full of goodies {Legos!} 
and we were very thankful!

We used our tripod for pictures and ended up with some really special shots. 

Henry, at 27 months, is just getting old enough to stand 
alone and smile for pictures without having to be held.

My Easter rabbits!
{I could eat them with a spoon!}

My big Harbor is such a delight.
He owns my heart and I find that he is my biggest helper.
He just has such a sweet little spirit.

I love little girls in blue!
: )

Things I want to remember:
-After pictures, we went to eat at Chilies for lunch.
-Harbor was enthralled with the new computer thingamabobs on the tables where you can request drink refills yourself.  
-Henry sat in my lap most of the lunch and helped himself to my salad.
- Hollin needed a diaper change, but we forgot her diapers in the hiking packs from the day before. 
-After lunch, we took the kids to a big wooden park that was packed with probably one hundred people.  It was so busy, but Harbor made fast friends with a boy who asked if he wanted to play "Light Saber" with him.

I hope your Easter was warm and glorious and filled 
with deviled eggs, egg hunts, and chocolate rabbits!
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