Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Marvelous, Marvelous Mail

We have been so blessed these last two weeks!
It seemed that every other day or so, the UPS man would knock on the door with a package for us. And each package was a complete surprise! I wanted to blog these gifts, not to brag, but to let our family know {and see!} how excited Harbor is to receive and open them. Your generosity is so appreciated!

We were so excited to open something from Arkansas!

And even I got a few things
{a purse and a Citiscapes Magazine, which is an NWA production from back home. I love Citiscapes!}

Looking in his new wallet! My mom filled it full of pennies.  : )

Thanks, Gigi and Poppy!

And a day later, we were so surprised to receive a Halloween box from Rachel in Arkansas!

Harbor was so happy to have a package from his Rachel!

We love cards with long messages- they make great additions to my Everyday Album! 
You can see how I organize cards by following that link.

Harbor loved all his treats and I loved getting another new Citiscapes Magazine!
Does my family know me or what??  : )

A few days later, another sweet box arrived!

Opening care packages from home on a rainy day makes our hearts smile!

Harbor loved his new books and we spent a good part of that day reading and rereading them all.

Harbor loves the big bay seat in the living room and sits {climbs} there everyday. 

Thanks so much!

 David is the baby of six children {all biological from the same mom and dad- a wonderful family.}
One of David's older brothers, Doug, is a lawyer in Omaha, Nebraska, with a wife and three children. They also sent a very sweet package last week. It was full of spiders, skeletons, and bugs!
We feel so, so, blessed!
We love and miss you, Doug, Liz and kids!  : )

So thankful for your kindness!

And we received one more package last week from Gigi and Poppy, but I didn't take any pictures, just a video. I thought our family would enjoy hearing Harbor's voice.  : )

We feel so blessed to have family who loves us and hope they know what a  huge difference it makes for Harbor, as well as us, to feel connected back home.

We love you and appreciate you!


  1. wow, even i can feel the love! :) how super thoughtful!!! harbor must be somethin' special ;)

    p.s. i love citiscapes too!

  2. i love getting mail too! So much thought and love goes into "snail mail". Loving your beautiful home too :)

  3. That is so nice Jessica! I can just tell home much your family loves you guys!

  4. My goodness. Harbor is king of the mail on your street. I bet your mailman just shakes his head when you guys get another box.But from where I grew up sending your loved ones few things from time to time is how you say we miss & love you,especially the little ones.I know its cold rainy there already & baking up some goodies will make the house smell & feel all homey & you'll enjoy being in the house all day long so much more if it smells yummy,plus daddy David loves little treats too when he comes home from being at work so much of the time.Plus Gigi & Poppy don't feel so far away when we get too see these little vedio's.I love to hear Harbor's voice. Thanks for taking the time to share a small part of your day with us.Harbor is growing so much,we miss & love him so much(& of course mommy/daddy also). MOM

  5. I know the mail means more than ever! You have the most wonderful family...and the most beautiful house! I LOVE IT!

  6. WOW!! How nice! I know they had just as much fun putting all that together as Harbor had opening it all!

  7. How precious. Makes me tear up. My lil' man loves getting packages in the mail from his Nana and Poppy! They live 15 hours away in NW Missouri. I know your family must miss that lil' man like crazy, but it's nice that they can still spoil him rotten! He is so adorable!!!!!