Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hollin is SIX months!

My Hollin is six months old!

My goodness, how she has grown!
From a warm, flexible ball of sugar and spice
 to a long, lean greenbean full of gummy smiles.

Her first six months have been magical.
Holidays and every "days" have been full of  awe and wonder.

We decided to recreate her "coming home" pictures in the front yard and
 besides the obvious change of seasons {green grass and lush treetops,}
little Hollin herself has gotten heavier and sweeter with each passing month.

She is still nursing exclusively and eating cereal and baby foods,
but is now sitting up alone for several minutes and rocking on all fours.
She laughs out loud on occasion and smiles at most any friendly face.

She is a great long distance {12 + hours} road tripper,
a fierce Rocky Mountain hiker {3 + hikes and counting}
a deep sleeper {5 hour stretches}
a headbow wearing fanatic {36 bows and counting!}
passionately loved by many
{the whole world + a few more!}
: )

She is the little sister to two big brothers and an absolute baby doll to this mama.
I love her :
blue eyes, creamy skin, nursing coos, gummy kisses, clenched fists, and babbling conversations.

In the whole world over, no one could ever replace my Miss Hollin.

Happy SIX months, bigs!

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